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Sri Lankan Civil War

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Abhay Chilakamarri

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Sri Lankan Civil War

The Groups Involved
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There were 2 major groups involved in The Civil War. The Sinhalese and The Tamilian backed LTTE.
Here's some basic info on these groups:

Sinhala: This is the most populous ethnic group on the Island and comprise 74.9% of the whole population. They speak a language known as Sinhala and practice Buddhism. They are believed to originate from India,and tend to inhabit the southern and western parts of the country.

LTTE: Otherwise known as the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, are a terrorist group that was funded by the Sri Lankan Tamil Ethnic Group. The Tamils are an ethnic group from India which partially migrated to Sri Lanka in the 2nd Century BCE.
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Here is a clip about the war... not going to watch whole thing
Why Fight in the first place?
Background Info
Sri Lanka is a small island country located off the southern coast of India.
But due to confilct with the major ethnic groups of the country, Sinhalese and Tamil, a 27 year war was waged. The war finally ended in the year, 2009, when the Sri Lankan government finally regained control of the entire island.
Additional Info
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27 Year War Finnaly Ends!
It was under his government that The 27 year Sri Lankan confilct ended. His popularity grew immensely due to this reason.

The war was finnaly won when the SL Army captured and killed V. Prabakaran the leader of The LTTE.

Many people rejoiced and celebrated the momentous end of the 27 Year War.

The Civil War of Sri Lanka
The LTTE was originally backed by several Indian Politcal groups from South India ( Tamils originate from here) such as the Pure Tamil Movement,etc.

Soon enough in the 1980's the Indians started air lifting food to Jaffna a major city in the north of the country with a major Tamil population, while it was being attacked by SL forces. India clearly showed support for the LTTE.

Due to a agreement India sent a Peacekeeping Force in an attempt called Operation Pavan, but India had to engage in major battles with the LTTE and they Indians called back the force since it was obviously failing.

Somehow angered by this the LTTE assasinated the Indian PM, Rajiv Gandhi.

by: Abhay Chilakamarri
Asia SS Project
How do Tamil and Sinhala look?
Distribution of Ethnic Groups
Photos of The War
Sinhalese Army
Indian Involvement...
England had used its old tactics once more in Sri Lanka by supporting the minority group to keep the larger in check. Thats why when the British left in 1948, the Tamils who were in significant Political Positions were given tons of hate.

The Sinhala even held Anti-Tamil riots , this the caused great tension that still remains today.

The condition worsemed evern more when the prime minister at the time Solomon Bandrinike declared Sinhala the national language which angered the Tamils.

Thus the LTTE was formed and the conflict began.
The End of The War...
The war ended on May 24, 2009 under the leadership of Mahinda Rajapaksa, the president of Sri Lanka.
Mahinda Rajapaksa
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