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The Glass Castle activity

foreshadowing interdependence conflict/conflict resolution symbolism

molly mullee

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of The Glass Castle activity

interdependence Foreshadowing Symbolism conflict/conflict resolution
fire forshadowed how difficult their life was, danger maroon wave The Glass Castle alchoholic father glass castle=family fire New York=freedom car=running away from problems Rex being an alcoholic father forms a conflict between him and children Jeannette and her mom's main conflict is that her mother has no respect for her children or herself Jeannette and Dinita Jeannette conflict with herself as she is finding out who she is throughout the novel Brian and Jeannette defending each other in fights Jeannette's parents caused children
to survive on their own the kids relied on each other in New York also How??? quotes?? Evidence?? page numbers??
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