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My Reflection of Technology and Society

No description

Autumn Horning

on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of My Reflection of Technology and Society

Before Studying Technology and Society
After Learning about Technology and Society
How I Plan to Apply the New Information to My Future
Our society has reached a turning point in which it will be important to redefine what socially appropriate and acceptable behaviors are.
Technology has the potential to bring great improvements to society but only if you use it appropriately.
Technology highly influences all social, global, and cultural environments.
Technology is the greatest gift that our generation has contributed to today’s society.
My Reflection of Technology and Society
There has always been a connection between technology and culture. That is because culture influences technology, historically many inventions have been offered to mankind and we hand picked which ones we preferred.
The United States
Presently, “there is no Federal mandate to recycle e-waste. There have been numerous attempts to develop a Federal law. However, to date, there is no consensus on a Federal approach” (Legislative Recycling Mandates, 2013).leaving the responsibility on the state to regulate electronic waste.

In 2010, Michigan, required “all retailers, including internet, catalog, manufacturer direct, and in-state retailers, can only sell new computers and televisions manufactured by registered manufacturers” (Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse, 2013)
A person's moral principles play an important role; because technology allows people to be ‘unknown’ when making immoral decisions, such as downloading songs, movies, and videos
Technology has affected us globally by creating endless innovative ways to make our lives and production of goods more efficient.
With the constant inventions that technology creates it has also caused some negative impacts that effect our world.
E-waste is an important global environmental and health issue.
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