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Technology Assignment

Reflection of the Bridge project

Praveen Nagamuthu

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Technology Assignment

1. Briefly describe how the Popsicle Stick Bridge activities (Daily Log) reflect the steps of the ‘Design Process’.
Popsicle Stick Bridge Reflection Questions
Technology Project
2. Briefly describe how you played each ‘role’ while designing & constructing the bridge.
3. What was the most challenging aspect of this project? How did you overcome obstacles?
4. What was the most important ‘learning’ that happen for you during this project?
By: Mahir, Sinddujan, Praveen, Sadman
Sinddujan's Response
Mahir's Response
As the designer and the Fabricator, the Daily Log reflects the steps of the ‘Design Process’ because the Design Process is basically Input, Process, Output. Our goal is to create a bridge. First we need to know what resources we need. We need glue, popsicle sticks, binder clips and more. Now we need to brainstorm our ideas and figure out which idea is the best. After, we plan and design the product. Later we construct the bridge. This is the Design Process. In our Daily Log, we wrote what work we had completed and all of our different goals. On our Daily Log, we wrote what we did every day. That is the Process step.
I think that the importance of the daily log was the most in my part. As communicator of the group, I had to keep track of the group's progress and handling of the materials as well as due dates for the different parts of the bridge. The daily log helped us stay organized through the whole project. We wrote about the work that was completed on each day and our goals of when to complete what step. This was known as the design process step for my part. I had to keep the group organized and on schedule sometimes.
Praveen's Response
Sadman's Response
Mahir's Response
As the communicator in the group, I had to give the group reminders and keep us up to date. I achieved this with the help of the daily log in which we wrote every day. We wrote about the work that was completed each day and we used it to remind ourselves of the due dates. We also used the daily log as an organizer to ourselves to keep ourselves organized and up to date on our work.

Our other roles consisted of Quality Assurance Manager: Praveen, Designer: Sinddujan, Fabricator and Fabrication Manager: Sadman
Sadman's Response

Being the fabricator and the Fabrication Manager, my role was to make sure that my group members had all the materials they needed in order to finish the bridge. I also had to make sure that my team members bridge's joint was strong and firm as I gave them tips and showed tricks to make the bridge a little bit stronger. With that, I had to make sure that our working space was neat and tidy enough for my group members to do their work.
Praveen's Response
Sinddujan's Response
There are basically 5 roles while constructing the bridge. The Quality Assurance Manager, the designer, the communicator, the fabricator and the fabrication manager. I was the designer because I researched about the different trusses we could use. I made the design for the bridge and I was assigned as the designer. I wrote a daily log every day making sure I was on track. I recorded the team’s building process by making daily log. I was a Fabrication Manager/ Fabricator because I made sure that we had the right amount of materials. I made sure trusses were straight and tidy. Also, I helped clean up tables and the floor when it was almost time to leave.
Sadman's Response
For this project, I was given the role to be the Quality Assurance Manager. The Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for communicating with the teacher, making sure my group members' bridges are in the highest quality. With that, I made sure that my group member's parts of the bridges were in high standards like the dummy, stringers, and trusses. Furthermore, I checked if the popsicle sticks were good to use for the bridges and if not, tell them to exchange for better popsicle stick. Also, the QA Manager makes sure the group is on track and focusing which I also did when we were about to go off track instead of doing our bridges
The most challenging aspect of this project was the trusses because it was really hard to assemble and I think lot of people really messed up which lead them to bad tie member joint that could have been bent that can lead them to a bad bridge. I specially had trouble with lining my Popsicle sticks with the laminated paper drawing.Seen we did a double layer it was hard for me make sure every single one of them was symmetrical and lined up.
I overcame my obstacle by taking my time and doing it nice and slow, although we didn't time enough time to do out trusses.
Mahir's Response
I think that the most challenging part was to assemble the trusses on the bridge. I felt like we did not have enough time for an important step like this. We had two days which was not enough for me for such an important step. I ended up having to do a lot of work on it and the overall outcome was not satisfying for me. One of trusses were not equal to the other two and I had some problems with that. I also felt like my trusses were way too weak and heavy which was a big problem because the trusses are the main support for the bridges and if they were weak, my whole bridge would collapse.
Sinddujan's Response
Praveen's Response
The most challenging aspect of this project was to make the dummy. We had to make it exactly 56.5mm. If we messed up on our dummy, we would mess up on our stringers. Then it would mess up our truss, then that would mess up our bridge. It would be a chain reaction. To overcome this obstacle, I had to be calm. I put a pencil mark on the 56.5mm mark and I cut it as accurate as possible. When I gave it to the teacher, I got a 4. So, if you are calm while perform a difficult task, it would turn out to be easy for you. I had to be calm for making the stringers, trusses and completing the whole bridge.
The most challenging aspect when building this popsicle stick bridge was when we had to put the tie members on the three trusses.There was 6 tie members that had to be placed on the bridge. At first I tried putting all the bottom three tie members at once to all three trusses which did not work. This did not work because when I did it, the tie members were not going in place and slipping out of the truss which almost led to breaking the tie members. Later, I had to put the three tie members on one truss then glue the other two trusses with it. After that, I could put the top three tie members right away which became easier for me to connect the bridge and finish it.
Mahir's Response
Praveen's Response
Sinddujan's Response
Sadman's Response
The most important ‘learning’ that happen for me in this project was to ‘think before you perform the next step’. For example, if you are going to connect your trusses together with the tie members, you need to check if all of your trusses are facing the right way. If you don’t check and make a mistake, your bridge won’t be able to connect with another bridge. So, you need to think and say to yourself,” Before I move on to the next step, is this right?”
The Popsicle Stick Bridge Activities also referred to as the Daily Log reflects the process of the 'Design Process' by the what we did each day. For example, we used the daily log to show what happened each day showing the process of how well the construction of the is going and if it is going on time. Furthermore it also reflects if we are doing the bridge with good procedure. It reflects that because it is showing if we did the building of the bridge properly using the right materials and assembling the bridge parts properly.
I think that the most important learning that happened to me during this project is that we have to think before performing further actions. I did not think about putting trusses properly on the stringers. This led to one of my trusses being shorter than the other two after I sanded them. I eventually had to sand the other two a bit as well before attaching my tie members. I also received an unsatisfying mark for my trusses which was a lesson for me. In the future, I will surely reflect upon this project and use this lesson to think before performing my next step.
The most important 'learning' that happened to me during this project is that you should take your time and check precisely before you continue on building the bridge. I'm saying this because when I built my parts for the bridge, I mainly got like around 3.6-3.8 which meant that I didn't take my time to build my bridge. Also, with that I should've checked precisely because I was mostly focusing on trying to finish the bridge on time while taking my time to check if the bridge parts were perfect in length and structure was not checked that much causing me to lead to 3.6-3.8.
The End
Being the fabricator and the fabricator manager, part of my role is to keep everything all organized and I think that this daily log really helped me do that, and it really helped us keep us on track and getting things done on time when is which due. This also helped us making a basic schedule in our heads.
I think the most important learning that happen for me during this project is to always think first and then proceed to the next step, and also remember to do your steps slowing and clam. I also think that everyone in our group experience this problem as well, because we did learn from our mistakes like when I did my strainers I really did it fast and didn't really payed enough attention which resulted me a bent strainer that lead me uneven bottom bridge.
Praveen's Daily Log
Sadman's Daily Log
Mahir's Daily Log
Sinddujan's Daily Log
Our Daily Logs
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