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Management Accountancy In Practice

Making 2 +2 Count

John Martin

on 25 April 2010

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Transcript of Management Accountancy In Practice

Up to 13 staff Cornish - Born & Inbred Parents were Smallholders Mixed Farm Mobile Retail Round John Martin Payroll Bureau Management Accounts Financial Accounts Tax Returns Business Plans Consultancy Bookkeeping cows
poultry Retail, Storage, Transport, Undertakers, Estate Agents, etc Dentists, Farmers, Coal Merchants, Shops, Garages, Pubs, Solicitors, Boat Builders, Undertakers et al Production, Transport, Manufacture, Packaging, Storage, Distribution Wholesale, Retail, Export, Agency, Administration BACS Bureau 1 client imprisoned
2 cases fraud
3 clients into liquidation
1 client lost pension 5 cases of false accounting
2 commendations from Board Financial Controls Systems Balance Sheet Profit & Loss Client Facing Difficult Circumstances Exposure to all shapes and sizes of business Exposure to wide range of industries Background Early Career Team Player Skill Base Small Practice >20 Years Second Practice IT Reseller Inhouse with Clients Achievements Future Sage Dealership HR Consultancy Lessons Client Needs Lifeline Consultancy Information Business Advice Compliance New Clients 2010 Spin-offs Never Trust Anyone Monitor Referrals Subcontract v Refer Never Say NO Continually Self-Appraise Maintain Business Plan Never Revert
Legal Solution Prepare Emergency Strategies Never Regard Yourself
as a
Friend To A Client Only Ever Give Advice
as if you are
the Receiver Word of Mouth Referrals Clients Other Suppliers Advertising Banks Football Rugby Cricket Snooker 9 years Petrol Pump Attendant 5 years Trainee Accountant 2 years HND Business Studies 1 year Travelling Auditor
House of Fraser 7 years Travelling Auditor - Milk Marketing Board/Dairy Crest Ltd Corporate Politics Management Books Business Infrastructure Confidence 3 Paper Millionaires Saved 10 Clients from Personal Bankruptcy
1 from HMRC High Court in London
4 from Bank borrowing - >£1m w/o
1 from HMRC
4 from Insolvency Advice to close company BACS Bureau Status Top Reseller of Sage 50 software in SW Waste Management Architects Fast Food Outlets Multi Media/Printing Eggs
Fruit 2 Brothers Payroll Bureau Tax Returns Project Manager Professional Interim Fire Fighter Systems Specialist Cloud Computing Cleaner Interaction
Client Fully Integrated Software
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