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A Service-Learning Event

Leslie Fox

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Trash-to-Treasure-Tribute

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
A FREE Community Celebration
Finding creative ways to re-purpose our Trash

Brought to you by K12's
Arizona Virtual Academy's
Service-Learning Class

Trashy Transportation Exhibit
Want to make a STATEMENT: discover creative ways to use trash and keeping it out of the landfill. Join us by creating a Trashy model of any form of Transportation, make the Flashiest and enter a Trash-to-Treasure-Tribute contest!
Trashy Fashion Show
If you have a flair for fashion, a desire to keep our trash one step farther from the landfill and would like to demonstrate an artistic and environmental approach to provide a basic need of clothing, then join us in a Trash-to-Treasure-Tribute contest: Trashy Fashion Show
Trash to Take over Fashion, Car, and Music Industry:
AZVA Service Learning Program Hosts “Trash-to-Treasure-Tribute”
By: Hira -age 17
Interdisciplinary Curriculum...
At K12's schools in Arizona we have teachers creating lesson plans alligned to the state standards to create a dynamic Interdisciplinary Curriculum: including Journalism, World Languages, Chemistry, World History, American Literature, Biology, Earth Science, and more...
Watch this Prezi: http://prezi.com/qkvl293gjucd/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share

It was in early February of 2013 when a student and teacher happened to overhear future plans expressed by garbage to ‘take over the world’. Hoping to prevent the world domination scheme, which would end with obvious and disastrous results, the team instead directed the attention of garbage to the world of fashion, cars, and music.

To achieve their goal, Leslie Fox and Hannah Tennyson, the two hopeful saviors of humanity along with their sponsors, hosted a day of homage to trash; also known as the “Trash-to-Treasure-Tribute” in Downtown Flagstaff at Heritage Square in conjunction with a virtual show hosted by k12’s Arizona schools.

It became the one day when trash rules and school’s cool. However, as Fox was quick to point out, “It takes a village - to arrange such an enormous event.” To make a difference in society, she continued, “You need to find the people in your community that share your vision”.

So it goes without saying that the team was especially grateful for the overwhelming support they received from k12, Friends of Flagstaff’s Future, local businesses, and individual members of the community that volunteered their time and expertise to ensure the success of the event. Indeed, the idea only flourished when Fox and Tennyson found Friends of Flagstaff’s Future willing to collaborate. However, it was when they shared the idea with k12 that, as Fox puts it, “…BOOM went the project!” and everything fell together.
How to get credit in Spanish class for participation in the Trash-to-Treasure-Tribute contests:
1. Attend the Service-Learning online workshop or watch the recording (TBA). Write a paragraph reflection in English on what you learned and what you thought about the workshop.
2. Choose an event to enter and create your project
3. Prepare ALL 4 of your slides in Spanish. Include at least 10 vocabulary words on your design plan (slide 3) from the unit that pertains to your project(clothing or music). Use your mad Spanish language Ninja Skills to write your paragraph in Spanish for slide 4. Spanish 1: 5 Sentences, Spanish 2: 10 sentences/2 paragraphs, Spanish III: 15 sentences/3 paragraphs, AP Spanish: 20 sentences/4 paragraphs
4. This alternative assignment will be worth 5% of your total grade. Kmail your entry to your teacher.

Lab Alternative Assignment
This assignment will replace a missing lab grade or be used to replace a lab write-up.
Learning Objectives:
Students will be able to
•Conduct a scientific investigation that is based on a research design.
•Record your observations, notes, sketches, ideas.
•Produce a graph or chart that communicates data as to whether or not your design is viable.
•Communicate results clearly and logically.
•Support conclusions with logical scientific arguments.

All contest entries must be in a Power Point and include 11 slides:
1.Contest participants names, grades, and contact info
2.Purpose of Experiment Statement and what you are trying to test.
3.Hypothesis - The hypothesis is written as an IF … IV..., THEN … DV…. statement. Your hypothesis must be SPECIFIC and is your educated guess about which variable will have the desired result. The independent variable is the part that you change during the experiment(the design); the dependent variable (benefits to community) is the part that you measure.
4.Materials list with photographic evidence that the materials are trash
5.A design plan with a list of benefits that your design would meet.
6.A data table of which of your listed benefits your family, friends or acquaintances would recommend.
7.A photo of the finished outfit
8.Graph of your data.
9.Summary of Results - a short paragraph describing the outfit and the experience of making it.
10.Error Analysis –Explain anything that you would do differently to improve your design.
11.Conclusion – How would the use of your materials help to reduce materials going to landfills?
How would your design be usefully used in your community?
What environmental impact would a large scale use of your design have? For example:
How would your design affect forests, oceans, air, water.
How would you market your design?
Creating dynamic curriculum
around a student's desire to make a
difference. The student picks the
project and the teacher shows
them everything they need to know
to succeed in the project.

More learning...
Participants become experts on all things trash, recycling, data collection, book keeping, letter writing, ecology and so much more in preparation to display their learning and service at a community event!
Participants learn, create art and teach others what they have discovered by sharing their knowledge.
World Languages
2013 1st annual T3
2013 T3 Report
1) Total number of Youth Volunteers: 12 youth volunteers created the event.

2) Hours contributed by each youth volunteer/participant: Total hours submitted by our youth volunteers =110.5.

3) We had 3000 families notified of event and they had access to a Service-Learning workshop recording on-line (not able to determine time participation), 25 students created projects averaging 5 hours each, 14 participants at the Virtual event for 1 hour each, 150 participants at the live event for 3 hours each, 5 participants at a Service-Learning workshop in Flagstaff for 1.5 hours each.

4) Total hours contributed by youth volunteers/participants: 707 hours total!

5) We distributed 1000 flyers, NPR Day Sponsorship, AZ Daily Sun put pictures of the event on Sunday April 28th, Facebook: 603 invited, AZVA Paw Print, City of Flagstaff Earth day, F3 Newsletter, and GYSD website.

"In my Service-Learning class I was asked where I felt there was a need in my community that I could fill. I have long felt that there was a need for education as to what is trash and what can be recycled. When the average human throws away 1,460 pounds of trash per year, there needs to be a heightened awareness of how to help keep some of this trash from ending up in the landfills. My teacher was enthusiastic and expertly created the Learning component to my Service-Learning project. We met with a member of the City of Flagstaff’s Sustainability Program and toured the Materials Recovery Facility. We learned that recycling is not as effective when people throw “trash” items into the recycling bins. The City said they put a lot of effort in public awareness but the lack thereof is a huge problem. After realizing this need and teaming up with Friends of Flagstaff’s Future the idea of our project was born: to create an event called Trash-to-Treasure-Tribute." -Hannah, age 16
Creation of the
2014 2nd annual T3

3rd Annual Trash-to-Treasure-Tribute
Live event April 18th, 2015
City of Flagstaff's Earth Day Celebration
In conjunction with Global Youth Service Day
And K12's Virtual Event on
Friday, April 17th, 2015
We reached 4,882 staff and families at AZVA, the Friends of Flagstaff’s Future newsletter reaching 1200 people, GYSD website, 40 Flyers, I spoke at Flagstaff City Council meeting on April 15th, Facebook 1589, AZ Daily Sun, and NAU Jack Central Newspaper.

The virtual event was held on Global Youth Service Day and had 4 Service-Learning students help create the curriculum and monitor the workshop and virtual show, and 1 of them helped plan all aspects of both the virtual and live events. Their total time served is 35 hours.

The live event was in collaboration with the City of Flagstaff’s Earth Day Celebration on April 19th, 2014. We had a booth that was a trash store and had volunteers on hand to teach participants and help them build projects. The Trashy Transportation Exhibition was on display with 53 projects. Our Trashy Fashion show was the main event. There were over 2,000 attendees and 60 local organizations and vendors.

In Flagstaff we hosted workshops in advance to the live event during April with several Girl Scout Troops, The Early Childhood Fare, The Coconino Center for the Arts, Flagstaff Family Food Center, Acorn Preschool and Full Circle Thrift and Trade for a total of 13 workshops.
We worked directly with 260 youth giving 382.5 hours of service and 34 adults with 102 hours. We repurposed 178.54 pounds of trash (roughly).

We received 2 grants: $200 for Tucson Service-Learning Group and $750 from AZ Summit on Volunteerism, several in-kind donations from Flagstaff Businesses totaling $5,500.

Partnerships created are with Youth in Action AmeriCorps, Full Circle Thrift and Trade, The City of Flagstaff Sustainability Department, Local Works, Local Artist Jocelyn, Flagstaff Artist Coalition, Willow Bend Environmental Education, the 12th annual Recycled Art Show, several local buisnesses and other individuals. The main outcome is the creation of a Creative Reuse Center in Flagstaff.

In 2013 a Service-Learning student had a passion for the environment, saw the need in her community to educate people about their trash and learned the skills to make a change.
Arizona Upcycled Fashion Extravaganza
: This event featured 4 professional AZ upcycled fashion designers displaying 5 of their creations on the runway.
The recycled runway was followed with an amateur repurposed “Don’t Pitch It Stitch It” Fashion competition.
Mission: Our mission is to host free educational community workshops focusing on Service and Art. EDUCATION: understand the cycle of trash: Where does our trash come from and where does it go?
SERVICE: examine the effects of trash on our environment, infer the need to act and engage in removing or stalling the filling of our lands with still useful stuff.
ART: create art in a multitude of ways from our refuse and display it at community events.
Vision: The method our community uses and disposes of materials is crucial to many points of our economic and environmental future. We envision Flagstaff to be a leader in sound economic and environmental practices and to do so the sustainable use and disposal of materials must be our goal. We believe it is critical to develop a sustainable materials management system for Flagstaff that fulfills human needs and prospering, which uses less materials, reduces toxic pollution and recovers more of the materials used for upcycling. By upcycling recovered materials we can first and foremost stall or even eliminate the route of used materials into an unsustainable system. By encouraging upcycling we reduce the tax on our citizens to pay for filling the land or sending the used materials to recycling facilities, we create new business, and we stimulate the creative minds of our community to act civically responsible.
2. Repurposed Musical Mayhem: We built upcycled instruments and participants performed for our 3rd Annual Tribute with Sambatuque, a Brazilian drumming group, and Circus Bacchus: Reduce, Reuse, and Recircus, Flagstaff’s own circus during Earth Day 2015!
3. Bag-It Exhibition-community art installation: In support of a plastic bag ban at the point of sale (to join 172 US cities and the entire state of California in a move towards civic responsibility) we join this effort to make a collective impact of environmental service. We had 376 bags made from trash and displayed at several community events.
Final Report 2015
Adult volunteers: 71 Adult volunteer time: 79.5 hours Adult Participants: 5,379
Youth volunteers: 178 Youth volunteer time: 285 hours Youth Participants: 5,313

We had 5 facilitatiors that held 44 events across the state of Arizona. These events included free workshops, class lectures, professional presentations and community collabortion meetings.

We collaborated with the City of Flagstaff, NAU, AZVA, Friends of Flagstaff's Future, Flagstaff Family Food Center, Speak-Up!, Hozohni Art Gallery, The Girl Scouts of America, AmeriCorps, Sambatuque, Circus Bacchus, FALA, and several individuals in our community.

We advertised our event through e-newsletter, Facebook, flyers, email and through AZVA's newsletter and kmail. We were interviewed by NPR, The AZ Daily Sun, NAU KJack, several NAU students, The AZVA Pawprint, and K12 Southwest Region Marketing Team.

This was all possible with in-kind donations of $2,985 and $1700 in grant money. We would like to thank the City of Flagstaff Arts and Science Grant (City of Flagstaff BBB Revenues, Flagstaff Arts Council, Arizona Community Foundation of Flagstaff, and the in-kind donations of materials and support from Incahoot's Vintage Clothing, AZ Music Pro, Fizzy Bella, Museum of Northern Arizona, Shash Dine Eco Retreat, Il Rosso's Italian Restaurant, Picazzo's and Flagstaff Latin Dance Collective, our volunteers and participants. THANK YOU!
4th Annual Trash-to-Treasure-Tribute
Live event April , 2016
Final Report
Event Description
5th annual Trash-to-Treasure-Tribute
by Sara Bry. and Ms. Fox

Brought to you by AZVA’s Service-Learning Class in collaboration with their community partners including the Verde Valley Farmers’ Market, the Flagstaff Arts Councils’ 15th annual Recycled Art Exhibition, Sedona Recycles, the City of Camp Verde, the Verde Valley Arts Council and the Old Town Center for the Arts, Cottonwood Economic Development Council, the Prescott Farmers’ Market with funding from a grant from the AZ Commission on the Arts, the in-kind donations of materials and support from our volunteers and participants.
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