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Living the Life of Brisbane!

No description

Maki Yamamoto

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Living the Life of Brisbane!

Living the Life of Brisbane! Brisbane Lifestyle History of Brisbane - 1 Brisbane is named for Sir Thomas Brisbane (1773–1860), British soldier and colonial administrator born in Scotland. Sir Thomas Brisbane was Governor of New South Wales at the time that Brisbane was named. History of Brisbane - 2 History of Brisbane - 5 History of Brisbane - 6 Commonwealth Games(1982)
World Expo 88(1988)
Goodwill Games(the final;2001) Large culture and sports events History of Brisbane - 7 Hakan Koseler
Mikaelly Maciel
Maki Yamamoto Outline Business in Brisbane History of Brisbane Business in Brisbane Thank you! History of Brisbane - 8 History of Brisbane - 9 History of Brisbane - 3 History of Brisbane - 4 BSBCMM401A
Make a Presentation Brisbane has almost 2 million inhabitants spread out in vast suburbs The Brisbane river in front of the center, shapes itself as an immense "S" connecting both sides of Brisbane via bridges. Gold Coast Brisbane is the third city biggest city in Australia and it is only one hour away from the Gold Coast (south) and Sunshine Coast (north). These two places have the nearest surf beaches for brisbanians. Sunshine Coast Despite not being by the sea the local council built an artificial beach across the river right in front downtown. This area is called Southbank and it is very popular for both Brisbane locals and tourists. The cit cat is a passenger catamaran boat, that operates public transport on the Brisbane river. Despite being a good size city, Brisbane doesn't have the traffic congestion associates with most large cities. The city is very well planned with express ways to direct traffic around and out of town. Also there is an excellent suburban train system that connects many other neighbouring towns and cities including a regular trains service to the Gold Coast. Brisbane is safe both days and night. Night life is intense with hundreds of options, things to do, lots of entertainment, and great places to eat. Historic constructions such as Conrad Cassino highlight spectacular Brisbane sights. The best shopping district in Brisbane is found on Queen Street Mall - nowhere else can you find the shopping opportunities of Queen Plaza, Wintergarden and The Myer Center. All on Queen Street Mall! (Early view of Brisbane, 1866) (1859) (1864) (1873) (1885) (1898) (1900) Myer Center Queen Plaza Wintergardem Brisbane has a great night life, specially on Friday and Saturday nights with many night clubs and thousands of restaurants offering any kind of food you can imagine and cafes in everywhere. Fortitude Valley South Bank The majority of suburbs are houses and constructions with one or two floors. Most of the homes have backyards, with a good area for barbecue. The city also has many parks and leisure areas with a suburb called New Farm, some of the best. Supermarket & Grocery Stores in Brisbane New Farm Parkland Suburb Before European settlement, the Brisbane region was occupied by aboriginal tribes, especially the Jagera and Turrbal Aboriginal clans. Queensland was formally established as a self-governing colony of Great Britain, separate from New South Wales, in 1859. In 1902, Brisbane officially designated city status by the Government of Queensland. In 1824, the first convict colony was established at Redcliffe Point under Lieutenant Miller. A demonstration of electric light of lamp posts along Queen Street in 1882 was the first recorded use of electricity for public purposes in the world. How was Brisbane established? - 1 How was Brisbane established? - 2 In 1940, Story Bridge completed. In 1942, General Douglas MacArthur arrives in Brisbane and takes offices in the AMP building (later called MacArthur Central) for the Pacific campaign during World War II. Up to the nineteenth century.. Twentieth century History of Brisbane Brisbane lifestyle The Brisbane CBD is an area of
densely concentrated skyscraper
and other buildings ,interspersed
by several parks such as Roma street
Parklands ,City Botanic Gardens
and Wickham park . Brisbane is Australia’s fastest-growing
capital city for employment and offers
a great range of opportunities in both
the public and private sectors. The economy of Brisbane is mainly dependent on the service sector. The city also possesses an extensive manufacturing base, a robust retail network and first class communications , and banking & finance services. The city also offers a great environment for the growth of private enterprises. Brisbane is the third largest port of Australia in terms of value of goods. Brisbane is a major distribution centre in the Asia Pacific region. The city also home to offices and
headquarters of some big Australian
and international companies like LG
,Panasonic, DHL Global and Asia
Pacific Aerospace . Everyone in Australia has the right to work and earn an income. Brisbane’s job market is growing at more than twice the rate of population growth and now accounts for 47 per cent of Queensland’s total jobs growth .However how quickly you can find a job in Australia depends on economic factors ,qualifications and skills ,the type of work you are seeking ,and particular circumstances which may affect the availability of certain types of work in different parts of the country . Finding a work : Brisbane's top 50 public companies collectively accumulated $52.6 billion in market capitalisation in 2010 – up from $46.8 billion in 2009.

Suncorp Group managed to hold on to the No.1 spot in 2012 after it continued to post increased revenue and profits. It has the challenging task of handling 40,000 insurance claims following the deluge in Queensland and Victoria earlier this year. The Main Business/Retail

The Myer centre
Broadway on the mall
Queens plaza
Brisbane arcade
Q&A Building
Queen Adelaide Building
Tattersalls Arcade The city centre and Heart of Brisbane city
is the Queen Street mall , It’s a Pedestrian
mall that runs down Queen street a
Central street in the city.
• It has over 700 Retailers and over 40,000
square meters of retail space.
• This space includes over six major
shopping centres and receives over
25Million visitors each year.
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