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Bringing the World Into the Classroom Through Educational Te

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Jennica Marie Co

on 8 November 2014

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Transcript of Bringing the World Into the Classroom Through Educational Te

Bringing the World Into the Classroom Through Educational Technology
Co, Jennica Marie L.

"Digitally-mediated learning encompasses more than knowledge of new technology tools. Educators must be prepared to mediate learning through ever-evolving digital tools.
Media is rapidly taking over teaching
as students learn from gaming, open source knowledge, virtual scenarios, avatars and Second Life. Educators must prepare for facilitative roles that can harness these opportunities to best student advantage."
- Jane Bailey
Technologies, as link to new knowledge, resources and high order thinking skills, have entered classrooms and schools worldwide.
have enriched curricula and altered the types of teaching available in the classroom
television, DVDs, newspapers can all bring the world into the classroom
schools' access to technology is increasing steadily everyday and most of these newer technologies are now even used in traditional classrooms
check newspaper everyday, penpal
With the diversity of learners, breakthroughs in technology and multiple teacher perspectives, an innovative teaching is one of the answers to the global demands for quality education.
Innovative teaching and educational technology are important ingredients in becoming a global teacher.
Technology for Teaching
The use of technology has never been underscored than now.
Technology remains poorly integrated into schools, despite massive acquisition of hardware.
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