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FIR AIMHO Presentation


Whitney Newman

on 23 June 2010

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Transcript of FIR AIMHO Presentation

Launching a
Faculty In Residence Program Lessons Learned at the
University of Northern Colorado Jenna Finley, Lyda Ellis, Whitney Newman Where to begin Choosing the 6 Meet the 6 Your Questions UNC'S aPPROACH how is it going? Student Perspective
Residence Life Staff
Executive Staff
Faculty Perspective History & Profile
Navigating Campus Politics
Gaining Campus Support
Expecting the Best
Data in Support of FIR Programs Marketing
Application Process
Selection Committee Program Requirements
What is an Academic Program?
Our Data so Far
Community Development between FIR Lee Anne Peck is an award winning
Journalism professor. She creating a campus
food drive that raises thousands of dollars to
help the Weld County Food Bank. Matt Birnbaum is a professor in the
PhD Higher Education Student Affairs
program at UNC. He has written about online privacy and has previous experience in Residence Life and Career Services. Lyda Ellis is an instruction librarian and assistant professor in the University Libraries. She utilizes technology to teach students to be more effective researchers. Mary Angeline is an instructor in the English department who has an interest in philosophy and poetry. She has developed a writers' conference for young women at a previous institution and lives in our halls with her dog Zoe. Diane Gaede is a professor in Recreation who has expereince as a College Student Adminstrator. She worked in career services and financial aid before finding her passion for recreation and tourism. Gary Swanson is an emmy award winning journalist who has spent time as a Fulbright Scholar in China. He is the Mildred Hansen Journalist in Residence
at UNC. thinking about the future Lessons we are learning
Returning to the position
Research Implications Thank You!
Be sure to sign up to receive our
recruitment materials and other
companion information via email. Thomas Jefferson's original vision when he founded the University of Virginia. was an academic village that had students and scholars living together in an where they would learn and grow together both in and outside the classroom. Did you have any meaningful interactions with faculty while you were attending college? What are some opportunities you have for faculty in residence on your campus?

What are some of the barriers?
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