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Roommate Workshop

getting along with your roommate at VSU!

Sarah VanKuiken

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Roommate Workshop

Your Roommate
Common Myths and Pitfalls
How NOT to Deal with Problems
Setting Realistic Expectations
Most of the time roommates just live together.

It's ok if you don't hang out all the time.

Don't take it personally!
Myth #1:
Your roommate is an inconsiderate jerk
Myth 2:
You both have your own quirks that may appear rude
Creating boundaries makes me a mean person
Myth # 3
Personal Items
Sharing Space
Be Passive- Aggressive
Social Media
Set Expectations
Follow Through
What are your pet peeves?
What is most important to you?
Define your idea of a clean room.
What are you concerned about when it comes to having a roommate?
What are you willing to share?
What is off limits?
What expectations do you have for guests?
How are you keeping the room clean?
Live up to your agreement!
Make amendments if needed
Be prepared to admit mistakes or offer forgiveness
Share your thoughts
Give constructive feedback
Limit surprises
Boundaries are healthy
So What Happens NEXT?
Complete and submit your Roommate Contract
Be Specific!
Follow up with your RA
Contact your RA or RHD with concerns
Your contract is your
to success!

Living with a Roommate
Be honest!
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