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"Lather and Nothing Else" Project

No description

Tanvir Dosanjh

on 12 July 2013

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Transcript of "Lather and Nothing Else" Project


And Nothing Else"


(Time, Place, Mood)
The protagonist is the Barber and Captain Torres is the antagonist.
The conflicts in the story are; Person Vs Self, and Person Vs. Person. The barber is fighting with himself. He doesn't know if he should kill the Captain or not. He is in a dilemma, that's what makes it Person Vs. Self. The Captain is trying to provoke the barber by coming to his shop for a shave. They are enemies and one does not do that normally. Therefore that is an example of Person Vs. Person.

The time was around 2:30pm, around the 1800-1900s. The evidence to back this up is that they are talking about rebels, captains and generals. They were using old methods to give a shave ( Old razor, and making their own lather), where today we use electronics and buy the products used to give a shave. The actual story takes place in a barber shop and it looks like (with all the info given) the barber shop is located somewhere in South America, or the Middle East.

We think this because people are being excuted in the middle of the streets and this isn't a common thing. The mood in the story is very awkward and tensed. The barber is very nervous and doesnt know if he should kill the Captain or not.
Major & Minors
Point Of View

The story "Lather and Nothing Else" is told in a
first person point of view.
The rising action in "Lather and Nothing Else" started when the general walked through the doors. The conversation
between them about killing the rebels is what started most
of the thoughts going through the Barbers head. The tension
between them played a big part in the rising action.
The climax in "Lather and Nothing Else" is when
the Barber decides to let the captain live. They are
enemies but the Barber is a good guy and decides to do his job honestly and not be a coward and kill the Captain when he is helpless.

The conclusion is when the Captain is walking out the
door of the barber shop and looks back. He tells the barber how people told him that the barber would kill him, but he was surprised that he had not.
One the of the quoatations in"Lather and Nothing Else" that are
important to the story is the last line, "They Told me you would
kill me. I came to find out if it was true. But it's not easy to kill. I
know what I'm talking about". (Para ~44, pg.346)

Another important quotaion in the story is when the Barber is thinking if he should kill the Captain or not. You know this when the Barber is thinking about it while giving a shave, "No one deserves the sacrafice others make in becoming assasins." (para ~37 pg.345)

The razor is a big symbol in "Lather and
Nothing Else". It plays the role of a tool
used to shave, and also a murder weapon.
When the barber is thinking of killing the
Captain, he thinks of using the razor as
the weapon, therefore the razor plays

a big part in the story.
In our opinion the Barber is a brave man. The way he acted was very professional. He kept is cool and did an honest job. He is a barber, so he did what he was supposed to do. If he did kill the Captain, it would have been a coward move because the Barber has an advantage
over the Captain
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