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Novel Assignment example- I Am Not Esther

1. Instructions for the Prezi assignment task. 2. An example of the Prezi you need to create for your Novel assignment.

Tessa Richards

on 21 August 2014

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Transcript of Novel Assignment example- I Am Not Esther

The Outsider in
I Am Not Esther

My 2 Elements
The 2 elements I chose to focus on were Character and Conflict.

I felt these connected to The Outsider theme because of how the relationships that Kirby both looses and gains contribute to her becoming outcasted in the novel, as well as how conflicting beliefs can cause us to feel excluded and alone.

" Uncle Caleb eyed me sternly. 'Get to your feet , Esther. Never grieve the lord again with your blasphemy or your disobedience. You are a child of God. Go and change your clothes.'
My knees hurt. I lifted my head. 'My nae is Kirby,' I said. 'I am not Esther.' "

"They always had a Bible reading in the evening, nine million prayers and a couple of hymns.
I'd never joined in before, but I thought, why not?"

" 'I know.' She patted my hand. 'And in the meantime, you start working on Magdalene.'
'I will! I said I will, and I will'.
But not just yet
'Starting from today.' Mrs Fletcher put a steely hand on my arm.
'But then nobody will love me!' I wailed, the tears running again.
'You might be able to love yourself, though,' she replied. 'Which is a reasonably important concept.' "

For this element I focused on Kirby as a character in the novel. Kirby is interesting to discuss for The Outsider theme because she is excluded in different two ways, for different reasons.

First of all, Kirby is both an outsider in her own family and in her new home. Kirby's mother abandons her early on in the novel for a supposed new life in Africa. This makes Kirby an outsider because her mother, her only family, is starting a new life for herself without her- Kirby is excluded from her mother's world.
As well as this abandonment, Kirby is also an outsider in her new home with her religious family. Instead of conforming to their archaic ways of life and giving in to being called 'Esther', Kirby fights these conventions and refuses to be a part of this family. The result is constant punishment for Kirby, excluding her from the family as a whole.

This relates to the outsider because we see Kirby as a girl who has no connection to anyone anymore. She is excluded from her own family through her mother's abandonment, while also being outcasted from her new family for refusing to adopt their ways. Kirby is an example of a character that has no where to call home.
Assignment choice: Prezi
What is a Prezi?
This thing right here! Prezi is an online presentation tool that lets you creatively present your ideas.
How do I use Prezi?
When you sign-up with Prezi through email, you can take a virtual tour through the programme.
This teaches how to use all the tools and tricks available
What does my Prezi need to contain?
Minimum 6 slides
Element 1
Element 2
Connection to The Outsider
Design (obviously this one is very boring!)
Enough writing to explain your points
What order do my ideas have to be in?
That is entirely up to you- as long as you address everything that is required
Marking Criteria
The Outsider
And you can do cool zoomy stuff like this!
Your Prezi must be based around how out theme of The Outsider is reflected in the elements you studied in
I Am Not Esther.

You are not simply giving me a presentation on Character and Events in the novel- How do these connect to The Outsider?

The conflict that I have chosen to focus on is the struggle Kirby has within herself; is she Kirby, or is she Esther?
At the beginning of the novel Kirby fights her new persona of Esther, as she believes her mother will come back to her. This causes conflict within the family she has joined.
This bred conflict in itself causes Kirby to then become more accustomed to this new family- she even begins to respond to the name 'Esther'.
This relates to the theme of the outsider because it shows us that this conflict that Kirby feels within herself is restricting her from connecting with anyone around her.
Her conflict within herself restricts her from connecting with any other character, which in turn isolates her and makes her an outsider.
The Outsider is represented in
I Am Not Esther
through Character and Conflict. Fleur Beale was inspired to write this novel because of a story she heard of a boy being rejected from his family because he wanted to go to medical school. By putting this in an accessible novel she is expressing her frustration with closed-minded people who cannot look past their own beliefs to accept the successes of others. We must remember to look past what makes us different and focus on how we are the same. This way we can see who people really are, not what they are.
For example, seeing someone not as a
'Christian', but as a friend.

"Mum, why did you abandon me? Why did you turn me into a refugee?"

" 'Today you get up and join the family, Esther. Have a shower and leave those clothes in the bathroom. Put the ones we made for you.'
I tumbled onto the floor. 'I'm Kirby,' I yelled. 'I'm not Esther, for God's sake.' "

" I tried to think constructively about mum but I couldn't and if I could've painted my thoughts they'd have ben dark red and black and they'd be slashed onto the paper with thick, ugly strokes.
I hate her, I really hate her.
I'm so frightened
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