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What is health?

No description

Taylor Chanthavong

on 19 August 2014

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Transcript of What is health?

Welcome to Health Class!
By: Taylor Chanthavong
7th Hour
What is a healthy lifestyle?
What do I do to live a healthy lifestyle?
There are so many things I can do to stay healthy!
Thank you for listening!
Staying healthy
Stay healthy.
Eat less junk food and more of the foods in the foods group
Junk food is artificially flavored and manipulated to be addicting by chemical engineers. Causing us to overeat on junk foods
Maintain your hygiene.
if you're sick, stay home...no one wants to get sick.
brush your teeth to prevent any infection or disease in the mouth
Stay physically active.
You have to get active.
Do's and don'ts
Go outside and do activities with friends and family.
You can always invite friends over and jog with them.
Go outside and smell the fresh air.
Race with family or go travel and explore new places.
go outside and be social
Get lots of excercise
Please Don't:

sit inside all day and do nothing!
Stay in your basement or where ever and play video games all day.
Maintain Balance
Maintaining balance can be hard, but it's easier when you keep track of your environment.
you must keep the balance between you and your friends.
Keep the balance beween you and your family.
Also keep your balance with you and the environment.
Who Am I?
A healthy lifestyle looks like a person who takes care of their emotional, physical, and mental health.
Emotionally healthy: being able to balance emotions.
Physically healthy: being able to be physically active.
Mentally healthy: and the mind is set to be mentally positive.
My family relationships are: I'm closer to my mom and My Brother is more attached to me; more than anyone else in the household.
I don't really participate in any after-school activities, because I can't integrate it into my schedule.
In the past, I have joined a social club. It was known as F.O.R (A.k.a Friends of Rachel) it was a social meeting club that was based from the columbine high school shooting, created to prevent bullying and any rational actions by the bully victim(s)
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