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No Zone Education

No description

Cassie Crouch

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of No Zone Education

Our Community - Just like any other town!
Safety Education for Everyone
Goals of MF FFA Safety Project:
1. Make everyone aware of roadway safety
2. Identify blind spots for bikers, cars, walkers
3. Keep kids out of harms way
4. Make drivers aware of mirror limitations
5. Inform everyone of the road requirements for large
implements year round.
Target audience
Semi No-Zones/Blind Spots
Semi No-Zones/Blind Spots
Semi No Zones, or Blind Spots, are exceptionally dangerous because there is less immeadiate vision from a semi driver.
They must rely on mirrors to see their surroundings, and the mirrors can only show certain angles, creating loss of vision in many areas around a semi.
Not only do semis have less vision, they have less manueverability, so if anything does start to go wrong, it is harder to prevent it.
Semi No-Zones/Blind Spots
Maroa-Forsyth FFA uses our annual Ag Day demonstrations to show grade schoolers, in involving, practical ways, these semi blind spots.
Cones are set up on the ground around and outside of a semi and the kids are invited into the driver's seat.
Kids use the mirrors, as a driver would, to see these cones. Most of the kids see only about 50% of the total cones.
Our Teaching Aids
Hands on display - Provided by FS4JK
We focus this presentation on the need to understand that loaded farm equipment needs long lengths to come to a complete stop.

Make the kids aware of distances
Focus their attention on need for them to stay back
Keep travel speeds in mind
No Zone Education
Maroa-Forsyth FFA
Alyssa Garner, Andrew Blair, Cole Fredrickson, and Nate Marz
1700 people
Topflight Grain Cooperative
2 gas stations
Maroa Forsyth High School 352 attendees 107 of which drive
Maroa Forsyth Junior High 286 attendee, 100+ ride bikes
ball diamonds
restaurants, apartments, houses
MF FFA : Farm Safety Project
Semi Drivers
Large Implement Drivers
Motorcycle drivers
New Teen Drivers
Vehicle Drivers
Handouts created for new drivers
Quizzes to test retention
Big Vs Small Experiment
Slow Poke Project
For Our
And Yours
Big vs. Small and Heavy vs. Light
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