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Copy of Mountains

No description

Jonathan Wightman

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Mountains

Year 6
Prezi Project
Group work
ICT skills
In your groups you will research one of the four mountains and decide on suitable aspects to focus on.
Each group member will be responsible for different aspects of mountain life.

What things could you include as chapter titles
Communicate with group using e-mail, sites and blogs
Create prezi collaborating with others (on occasion live; through share function)
Use internet to research project (we'll discuss project next week but it will be linked to Mountain topic.
Present prezi to the class.
Must include at least two slides per group member.
Play around with the features using;
- frames
- templates
- images
- shapes
- adding media
Include path edits so presentation to class in smooth.
Have fun experimenting!
You will research a mountain in groups and individually and compare similarities and differences on mountain life.
You will use your information to create a prezzi on aspects of your mountain individually; you will access other group members contributions by sharing your prezzi with group members.
At the end of this lesson you will attempt to set up a template and title page per group and share it with all members.
Group Project
Designing a Prezi Presentation

Mountain Project
What do these words mean?
How do we use them?
Apply Design Template
Add frame
Words you should know
What do you know about Mountains already?
What aspects of mountain life do you want to find out about next?
Talk partners
By the end of the lesson you should ...
Then click present show and watch your masterpiece come to life!!!!!
The aim of this project is
to demonstrate subject knowledge of a mountain; Grasmere, Goetzens, Kathmandu or Cuzco.
to be able to create an informative prezzi presentation about a mountain; using as many prezzi features as possible.
1. Know what a prezi is.
2. Understand some of the features of a prezi.
3. Be ready to start exploring prezi in ICT lesson with Mr Elliot's guidance.
Prezzi Information Video
What is Prezzi?
Any questions?
Now we've watched the film, what things can you do in a prezi?
Height above sea level
Mountain villages
Can you think of any more?
Now the teacher will assign you a group and a mountain.
Then log on to http://prezi.com
and open an account using stcatherines e-mail and a password.
Then agree on a template with your group and share it with members.
Research and have fun playing with Prezi
Developing ICT skills
Next we'll explore with Mr Elliot.
Now you've experimented with what prezi is and how it works, your now going to research a mountain in a group and create a prezi on it to present to the rest of the class.

- what is the place like?
- where exactly in the world is it?
- what is the landscape like?
- what do the people who live in the area do?
The 4 mountains that you will be researching are:
a) Grasmere
b) Goetzens
c) Kathmandu
d) Cuzco
Useful starting points on the Web.

Things to include:
Remember to include
- pictures
- maps
- different fonts
- variety of colours
- hidden text
- zoom function
- embed video clip
- interesting backgrounds
- numerous frames
- motion pathway
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