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Contour Farming

No description

Shelby Hunter

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Contour Farming

Contour Farming and Crop Rotation
Continuous Farming:
Furrows: Narrow groove made by a plow.
Rills: Small rivulet or brook
Gullies: Deep channel cut by running water.
What is it?
Contour farming consists of plowing furrows sideways across a hillside, perpendicular to its slope, to help prevent formation of rills and gullies.
Crop rotation is when farmers alternate the type of crop grown in a given field from one season or year to the next.
Causes and threats
Contour farming:
Became popular because the U.S. Soil Conservation Service promoted it through state governments and universities because of the environmental benefits.
Crop Rotation:
The need for reduction in weeds, insects, and increase production in crops was noticed first in China, Greece, and Rome.
Main threat for both is the production of weeds and insects depleting crops.
Environmental Impacts
Contour farming creates small dams in the crop rows, which slows water flow. These dams also increase infiltration, which means it helps filter the water better, and reduces erosion. Contour farming also reduces fertilizer loss because it keeps it from running off too much, and cuts back on power consumption.
Crop Rotation builds soil fertility, preserves the environment, boost economic returns, aids in control of weeds, diseases and harmful insects, adds to crop market diversity, reduces erosion, and breaks down diseases associated with continuous cropping.
AP Environmental Science Textbook
Watch this!- http://www.teachertube.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=18299
Crop Rotation
Contour Farming
Contour Farming
Crop Rotation
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