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Computer Superheroes

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of ShareSync

Are you missing an opportunity to boost collaboration
by not using a file sync and share service?

“The explosive proliferation of powerful mobile devices has led to employee demand for [file sync and share solutions] that will allow seamless access to enterprise content from any device.”
– Forrester, July 2013

Or, are your employees bringing in their own file sync and share solutions?

"Personal cloud services such as Dropbox, Apple's iCloud and Google Drive …represent a serious security and compliance threat for an IT organization, because employees can share corporate documents with third parties, or store documents… completely out of an IT organization's control."
- Gartner, February 2013

Have you ever experienced this scenario?
You’re at an off-site meeting, but left an important document back at the office.

It takes you hours to consolidate reports and updates from your team.

You edited an entire document, only to realize you didn’t see the email with the newer version.

Your new client cannot receive emails with large file attachments.

Your users are putting company data on services you cannot see and cannot manage.

Wouldn’t you rather be managing your business?
ShareSync significantly reduces the amount of time you
and your employees spend on managing files and folders.
ShareSync delivers an easy-to-use, business-grade file sync and share service to small and medium-sized businesses via the cloud.

ShareSync improves productivity for mobile employees and remote users, it boosts collaboration, while offering full control and protection of company data.

ShareSync: Improve Mobility and Collaboration
Sync files across desktop, mobile devices, and the web
Support for Windows and Mac with familiar drag-and-drop functionality
Mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry
Files and folders are available from any web browser
Sync Files
Share folders with co-workers with one click
Share directly from the corporate address book
Control access with “Co-Owner,” “Modify”, and “View” permissions
Modify permissions at any time
Set different permissions for sub-folders
Change to files in shared folders are automatically synced
Share Folders
Share Files
Any ShareSync file can be shared with anyone
Files can be viewed even if the recipient doesn’t use ShareSync
Can be shared using the Send Link function from the ShareSync web portal, or by copy/pasting the link into email
Links are secure, but can be further protected with a password
Business-grade Security Features
Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit
Each account’s data is encrypted with a unique security key
Only authorized users can access ShareSync
Strong-password policies are enforced
Mobile devices can be further secured with a ShareSync passcode
ShareSync data can be remotely wiped from any device – including desktops and laptops

Share files with anyone via web link

Integrates with Outlook and Office
Sync files right from Office programs

Save files to ShareSync directly from the ribbon on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
Lock shared files to prevent conflicts
Restore previous versions
Send attachments as ShareSync links
Set up for on-demand or automatic link replacement
Share files without leaving Outlook

Examples of Use
Send attachments as ShareSync links
Set up for on-demand or automatic link replacement
Integrates with Office and Outlook
Why choose ShareSync?
ShareSync is the right choice for collaboration
Immediately boost your company’s productivity
Intuitive functionality shortens the learning curve
Files are always synced and always available across every device
File sharing is intuitive for recipients – a simple click of a link in email
Business-grade security and control
Offers full control and protection of company data
Sharing permissions are easy to set and manage at any time
Integrates with Exchange, Outlook, Office, and Active Directory
99.999% financially-backed SLA
ShareSync Compared to Other Collaboration Methods
Traditional Ways of Collaborating
Email & attachments
File Servers
FTP Servers
Thumb Drives
Couriers/Bike Messengers
More efficient way of working
Easy and intuitive for your employees to adopt
Easier to do business with external business partners and clients
Provides business owners with greater management and control
Other Providers of Suites of Cloud Services
Microsoft (Office 365/Skydrive)
Google (Apps and Drive)
Provides a high level of integration helping to minimize the adoption curve
Offers greater security and management, particularly for remote wipe
Hightail (formally YouSendIt)
Other Sync/Share Services
Is as easy to use, but offers higher degree of security and administrative controls (particularly compared to free versions)
Integrates with email and a complete suite of cloud services
Offers business-grade security and a 99.999% uptime SLA
Start Using ShareSync Today
For only
Per user
Includes 10 Gb of storage per user

Storage is pooled across all users on the account
Overage is charged at $0.50 per GB
ShareSync Pricing for Multiple Users
Compared to Other Sync and Share Services
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