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Symbolism of Masks

No description

Helen Macaulay

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of Symbolism of Masks

A mask is an ancient form of an expressive facial disguise, it was used to frighten enemies and contain identity.
In modern day the mask is generally known to be a symbol of the concealment of the ego behind an artificial mask.
in Romeo and Juliet the masks let the Montagues get into the ball without being noted as the enemies.
Ancient Egypt
Ancient Egyptians placed stylized masks with generalized features on the faces of their dead. The funerary mask served to guide the spirit of the deceased back to its final resting place in the body. The masks symbolize guidance.
Theater Masks
The two masks associated with drama symbolize the traditional generic division between comedy and tragedy.
African American
In African American culture the mask symbolizes trickery. In african American literature Tricksters achieve their objectives through indirection and mask-wearing.
Symbolism of Masks
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In the movie Batman, Bruce Wayne wears a mask to hide his identity.
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