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Food and clothing for Kings and Queens in Medieval Europe

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Victoria Peterson

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Food and clothing for Kings and Queens in Medieval Europe

By: Victoria Peterson Food and Clothing
For Kings and Queens Food~ Kings and Queens usually ate foods that were " Close to Heaven" like Cranes, and other birds. They suggested not to eat raw fruits or vegetables. But they could cook or bake them into other dishes, like stews. Doctors also had their idea of what foods were good to eat. Kitchens were very busy places. There were cooks, a master cook, a sauce cook , a baker, and assistants who would chop vegetables and stuff like that. Kings and Queens held feasts on Christmas, Easter, Saints day as well as non- religious holidays like the end of harvest. There were also Fasts. On those days they ate very little. Lent was a fast time, as well as Wednesdays and Sundays ( for some religions.) Clothing!! Noble Women and Queens wore similar clothing. Their average day outfit was a gown, they also wore an underskirt to make the dress poofy They usually had long hair and they covered it with a Wimple, which is a piece of silk draped and pinned over the hair, wrapped around the throat and tucked in to the gown. later on hats were really in style. Noble men and kings also dressed similar. They would usually wear trousers ( pants ) covered by a tunic. They also would wear a cloak with trimmed fur. Clothiers were the people who made their clothes.
They were required to have a knowledge of various fine and expensive materials The materials used for their clothes were velvet, silk, lace, cotton, and taffeta. The clothiers also dyed these materials in bright colors. The End!
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