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Kaylee is sweet, kind and helpful. Her favorite animals are

No description

Ewa Pitcher

on 28 April 2016

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Transcript of Kaylee is sweet, kind and helpful. Her favorite animals are

My favorite places
Words that describe me
My favorite things to do
Things I don`t like
Things I learned from My Reading class
My favorite states and countres
In my reading class I learned Emperor Penguin`s in class, I learned summarize that is what I learned in my reading class.
My friends
1. Fatima 2. Aliyah 3. Mrs. Pitcher 4. Joanna 5. Archit 6. Natalia 7. Sophia 8. Rithika 9.Martyna 10. Vashanvi 11. Ria 12. Mrs. Perricone
My favorite fruits
1. Strawberries 2. Grapes 3. Apple
Kaylee is sweet, kind and helpful. Her favorite animals are peacocks, hamsters, cubs, hummingbirds and other cute animals. Her favorite food is ramen. Ramen is a kind of food it is a type of noodle. Her most favorite subject is art like drawing. Sketching and coloring she also likes to read a lot . Her favorite person is Nathan, a baby cousin. Her favorite color is purple. That is about Kaylee.
1. I am sensable 2. I am a artest 3. I fight with my brother
1. drawing, coloring, skeching 2. do my tabelet 3. learn 4. read
1. mushrooms 2. fighting with my brother 3. my parents getting sick
1. Wendy`s 2. Korean resterunts 3. Burger King
1. Korea 2. Washington DC 3. America 4. Japan
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