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A Recipe for Success: Effective Classroom Management


Abby Janis

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of A Recipe for Success: Effective Classroom Management

execution : and while going is inevitable at times, use mishaps as a change to to the top! although their learning may take you around in circles, identify the needs of the classroom first then, attend to the prior knowledge
and experiences of students.. listen and watch out for that give you
insight to student interests and needs. so when you know what needs to be taught FOCUS (ide rajz) step by step : Identify learners and at all times: take it easy Nr. 2: Identify Curricular Priorities by determining state and
local standards main course ... Nr. 3: Design assessment framework try different ideas, such as performance tasks,
projects, informal, and formal assessments. finding the assessment that
alllows a student to ! focus on the at the end of the tunnel... finally, have FUN with your students! (don't bite your nails) clues UbD: let's take it Nr. 1: and now for the enjoy watching them and grow! learn under rise soar high each student (take a step back when necessary) then, in you can create essential questions and goals for students. as the teacher... create learning activities such as experiments, centers, graphic organizers, and group work considering needs at all times specific change your plans may depending on the students' needs. FISH keeping these four steps and
in mind... is easily established! student achievement and finally: don't let discourage your teaching. failure first of all, try to get on individual students it's a piece of cake fight hard knowing that will perform differently... now that's a recipe for success! because, after all, that is our job. THE BIG PICTURE light step four is CRUCIAL! remembering... classroom management fight to reach all students! effective when facing a new class...
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