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Sucess And family

No description

keriesha Thomas

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Sucess And family

Is Family based
on sucess or is it individual Ahievement? By: Keriesha Thomas Is Sucess based
on Family
or is it
individual drive?
Family Influence on Achievement BY: Keriesha Thomas Those who do not
know the past are
condemned to repeat it.
The Maafa
Self Motivation
Overview What effects does the
Maafa have
on my family? The Maafa is Swahili
word thats means great
tragedy or great disaster. source: The African within you.com Over 500 years Africans were
taken from their villages They were brought to America,South American and the majority of them was divided into the carribbean. My Family in pariticular
was taken to Jamaica My Family History .They worked as slaves . Without pay .They were punished
severly for poor work. .Denied of their education .My ancestors brutally
died for the betterment
of their slave masters Africans suffered tremendously through
invasion, imperialism,oppression, dehumanization
and exploitation. So the question still remains
How has the Maafa affected my family? Because of the Maafa death rates where higher
than birth rates. Birth Rates Birth Rates Because so many people died and so many families were divided it left a Century of lost identities. New Practices New values New beliefs Politics Hairstlyes Fashion New literature Art In conclusion My family was taught a new way of life. They were affected tremendously due to the Maafa. They were dehumanized as people which is the reason we accept the deprecation of the media, literature and art as a reflection of who we are it is because we know not our own selves.
Source: Before the may flower The End
Essential question1 Family influence on Achievement families before the great tragedy Source: The book Post Tramatic Slave Sydrome source: From Columbus to Castro Source: African History.com Death rates were higher than birthrates Source: AfricanHistory.com No marriage licences We were kings and queens Families were close they had a common bond.
Today's society
& young adult. source: The Achieving Society
by:David Maccahlin 15% of American parents is involved in the upbringing of a child Self motivation Motivation is essential in becoming a successful person. Success It is accomplishing what you set out for. "Black is always acquianted with failures" Entreprenuership 13.4% of African Americans are Entreprenuers Source: Black Own Businesses magazine Oprah Winfrey Tyler Perry Sean Combs Kanye West Argues that he wasn't learning fast enough. Abusive background Positive Thinking The Law of Attraction Power Life and Death is within what you say. Source: The Bible It depends on the individual to strive for greatness My Famaily liniage
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