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Unit 11.1: Modern Islam - Shia and Sunni

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Audrey Helmerich

on 24 August 2016

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Transcript of Unit 11.1: Modern Islam - Shia and Sunni

Modern Day Islam: Sunni and Shia Why is this important? The divide begins with a death... Specifically, Muhammad's death... The BIG Question: WHO should be the Muslims' leader after Muhammad's death? The SHIA answer to this question: Leadership should be passed down through Muhammad's family lineage. Shia Fast Facts One who is a member of the Shia branch is called a "Shiite" (shee-ite) Found mainly in Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Bahrain Make up only about 15% of all Muslims The Sunni answer to this question: They believe a capable leader should be elected. Sunni Fast Facts: They make up 85% of all Muslims Chapter 2 of "Santa Claus in Baghdad" is set in Syria: [Nothing past this slide will be tested] Problem: President Bashar al-Assad (one of many problems) His regime has been in existence for 5 decades.

He, his family and the government are associated with Alawites, which is an offshoot of Shia. Sunnis are the majority in Syria. The ongoing conflict there, many argue, is the epitome of the Sunni-Shia conflict. There are various Sunni- or Shia- supporting groups (such as Muslim Brotherhood, Sunni) that have interests in the region.

Victory on the side of the government or the rebels will have effects far beyond Syria's borders Two significant powers, Saudi Arabia and Iran, have vested interests because: Sunni Shia
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