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Vision for the future of Nursing

No description

Yolanda Graves

on 22 December 2015

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Transcript of Vision for the future of Nursing

Vision for the future of Nursing
December 22, 2027

This is the ten year reunion for Yolanda Graves, She is the Keynote Speaker. This is her Vision for the future in Nursing since she received her Baccalaureate Degree in Nursing at The University of Phoenix in February 2017.
My Vision for the future of nursing, has transformed me into the role of a BSN prepared nurse that is a critical thinker, a leader and uses lifelong learning for the future.
Welcome St. Francis Medical Center Family Life Center Nursing Staff
How You As A Leader Have Influenced Nursing
Effective communication
Critical knowledge and awareness
Improving quality of care
Empowering others
Commitment to lifelong learning
Transforming Yourself Into The Role Of BSN-Prepared Nurse
Critical thinking
Lifelong learning
Increasing Your Knowledge, Skills, Attitude Areas For Potential Growth
Participating in evidenced-based projects
Lifelong learning
Attending conferences
Reading Journals
Revising policies and procedures
Understanding Your Role That Guides Your Practice
Patient-centered care
Team learning
Evidence-based practice
Quality improvement
Increasing Awareness Of Your Knowledge, Skill, Attitude Influences Your Role As A Leader
Critical thinking
Accepts responsibility and accountability for decisions
Managing conflicts and mastering resolution skills
Motivating others to participate in decision making
Functions as a team player
What Legacy You As A Nurse Will You Be Known
Loving her job
Empowering others
Good listener
Adapts quickly to new situations
Treats all people with respect and acceptance
Balanced professional and personal life
Critical thinking skills.
How Evidenced-Based Practice Will Influence Trends in Health Care and the Future Of Nursing
Improve care and the process for good patient outcome
Quality improvement
Teamwork and collaboration
How The Application Of Nursing Theory Will Continue To Influence Professional Nursing Practice
Making sound clinical judgement based on evidence
Determining which data is important
Organizing, analyzing, understanding patient data
Planning nursing intervention
Evaluating outcome of intervention
Jean Watson Theory of Caring
Loving kindness
Decision making
Instill faith and hope
Holistic Care
Respect for life and death
Reflective; increase knowledge
Loving of nursing
Roles Nurses Play in Research
Collecting data
Identify problems that can be studied
Disseminate research based knowledge sharing useful research finding with colleagues
New Roles And Opportunities Will Benefit Nursing And Health Care In General
Improving access and quality by lower cost of health care
providing primary care
The Media
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