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Is your information as private as it seems?

April Ward

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Facebook

Is your Facebook profile private?
Are you sure?
It’s common for Facebook to undergo drastic or silent changes whether the users like it or not. The real question is, how ready are you when Facebook is determined to ‘make the world more open and connected’? Have you made full use of the privacy and account settings to your advantage?
In the privacy options you are most likely to be set onto the Friends option by default. But when you upload posts and photos on devices such as BlackBerry phones/tablets, the audience selector does not appear and could make posts become public instead of private.
Using Facebook on other devices:
When you hide things on your timeline, like posts or connections, it means those things will not appear on your timeline. But, remember, anyone in the audience of those posts or who can see a connection may still see it elsewhere, like on someone else’s timeline or in search results. You can also delete or change the audience of content you post.
Hidden posts on timeline
Hover over the post, click and select Report/Remove Tag from the dropdown menu. You can then choose to remove the tag or ask the person who posted it to take it down.

You can also remove tags from multiple photos at once:

- Go to your activity log
- Click Photos in the left-hand column
- Select the photos you'd like to remove a tag from
- Click Report/Remove Tags at the top of the page
- Click Untag Photos to confirm

Remember, when you remove a tag, that tag will no longer appear on the post or photo, but that post or photo is still visible to the audience it's shared with other places on Facebook, such as in news feed and search.
How to manage and remove Tags
You'll find an audience selector tool most places you share status updates, photos and other stuff. Just click the tool and select who you want to share something with.
When I share something, how do I choose who can see it?
Remember, when you post to another person's timeline, that person controls what audience can view the post. Additionally, anyone who gets tagged in a post may see it, along with their friends.
On Facebook, your name, profile picture, gender, username, user ID (account number) and networks are publicly available. Apps also have access to your friends list and any info you choose to make public.

To manage your settings for each app you’ve installed:

- Click at the upper-right corner of Facebook and select Account Settings

- From the menu in the left column, click Apps

- Find the app you'd like to manage and click on its name or Edit to the far right

- Modify who can see activity the app posts on your timeline using the audience selector next to the section titled Posts on your behalf

Apps can only publish stories to people within the audience you choose.
How does privacy work for apps and games?
How do I get a one-time password?
If you have a mobile number registered to your account:

To get your one-time password, simply send a text message with the letters "otp" to 32665. Facebook will then send you an 8-character code that can be used one time to grant you access to your account. Enter this code into the password field of the login page, along with your login email address. Note that the code will expire 20 minutes after it is sent.

If you do not have a confirmed mobile number on your account:

Use your mobile phone to send a text message with the letters "otp" to 32665. When Facebook receives this text message, they will send you an email asking you to confirm your mobile number. Once you have done this, you will receive the temporary 8-character code that will serve as a one-time password for your account.
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