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Facebook Tutorial

No description

Quadro Communications

on 4 August 2015

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Transcript of Facebook Tutorial

What is Facebook
Photos & Videos
Status Update
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A way to update your friends on what you're doing, thinking or planning.
Largest online social networking platform.
Great way too keep in touch with those long distance friends & family.
Interact with friends by posting pictures, sharing what you're doing & where you've been.
Customize your page by sharing interests and recent news.

Sharing a link / Share button
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No limits to how many friends you add
Friends have access to your profile
Sharing links is a great way to share your interests & other information with your friends.
Share things like events, news or your friend's posts.
Education & Work
Use this to share your education & work with friends.
Examples below.
Registering for Facebook
What is Facebook
How to use Facebook
Newsfeeds & Status
Check out our website!
Quadro Communications
Facebook Tutorial

How to use Facebook
Create an account with your email, name & date of birth (as you've now completed)
Create your profile, choose a display picture.
Find all your friends and family on facebook, add them!
After that post pictures and status updates to stay connected with family & friends.
Settings & Privacy
Easy way to invite friends and family to social gathering & events.
Access to RSVP from those invited, an easy way to answer questions.
Way to let friends know about upcoming events
Private messages are like emails, although you can avoid having to sign into another account.
No one else can see these messages

You can upload albums directly to Facebook
Share your favourite photos & videos with friends
Tag friends
Share family photos or memories with friends
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You can customize the privacy settings to protect yourself and your information.
Decide who can view your posts & profile
Determine what information you share on your page (age,location,email, # )
Life events

Highlights profile changes, birthdays and upcoming events.
Constantly being updated with stories from your friends and pages you follow.
How to Register
Step 1: Fill out
your first & last name

Step 2: Enter your phone number OR email.

Step 3: Choose a password.

Step 4: Fill in your birth date.

Step 5: Choose your gender.

Step 6: SIGN UP!
Now login by using your email OR number & password.
Who to add?
What are Mutual Friends?
What to post
What not to post
How do I upload pictures?
Status updates are a great way to share current events, life events, achievements and goals.
What not to post
What to post
Mutual friends are the people who are Facebook friends with both you and the person you're viewing.
How do I add someone?
1. Enter your friend's name or email in the search bar at the top of any Facebook page.
2. Select their name to go to their profile.
3.Click the Add Friend button. You might not see this button on some people's profiles, depending on their privacy settings.

Once this person accepts your request, they'll show up in your Facebook Friends list.
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