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Environmental Site Design Maintenance Presentation

No description

Theodore Scott

on 11 July 2015

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Transcript of Environmental Site Design Maintenance Presentation

ESD Maintenance What needs to be done Construction Inspection & Verification Operating Inspection Maintenance Major Repairs Who is responsible "....we do not have an answer to ESD on-lot maintenance...."
- Jay Sakai, Director, MDE Water Management Administration Who can do this ESD changes design - Shouldn't verification change?? Changing the roles of:
Sediment Control Inspectors
Certifying Professionals Other factors Universal factors
Pollutant sources
Structural Integrity Caking Mulch Construction Issues Vegetation-based minor erosion... ...creates sediment media replacement
underdrain reconstruction permeable pavement repair Maintenance burden is reduced... ...because pollutant loads are dispersed.... assuming maintenance actually happens Most repairs are due to construction issues Plant Material Erosion Vermin Sweep Permeable Paving mulch replacement understanding function Routine Mulch
Maintenance Maintenance Contractors
Excavation / Utility
Specialized / Hybrid
HOMEOWNERS?? Inspectors
Landscape Architects
HOMEOWNERS?? Understanding Function:
Pollutant uptake
HOMEOWNERS?? Details, details, details Right-sized equipment Education
Communication Commercial:Landowners Municipal:DPW Condos:Association Residential Common Areas:
Municipality? Residential On-lot:
Individual Lot Owners? Inforcement:Municipality Maintenance Inspection Preventive: Maintenance provider Enforcement:
Maintenance provider?
3rd party?
Landowner? Construction:
Is YOUR lot grading contractor qualified?
How about the landscaper??
Is the excavator willing to re-mobilize??? How much does maintenance cost? Passive Vegetative Practices
Normal turf costs
Per annual inspections Permeable Paving maintenance:
$.015 - $.025 per sf
$625 - $1,100 per acre
Frequency: Annual Doing it right: $0.60 per sf
Quarterly visits
Veg pruning & replacement
Fertilizer, Pesticides
Mulch replacement
Minor repairs
Annual inspections Bioretention Bioretention Doing it wrong: $0.10 - $0.20 per sf
Typical landscape maintenance Bioretention Do nothing: Priceless May 17, 2011, Chesapeake Water Environment Assoc. Seminar
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