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Francis Lawani

on 16 October 2013

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The power of positive thinking can never be over emphasized. It is what gets us from point A to B. It is what has helped man dream and achieve great things. regardless of the activities - work or play.

We as humans can get through it in top gear if we maintain a positive attitude. But sometimes in life, attaining that state of mind where everything is a can-do poses challenges and that is where Latina comes in and says, come on, you can, "

It is a brand out of the house of the
La Casera
company, whose sole purpose is to spread the message of positivity - a message of anything is possible, if you believe and maintain a positive mind set and just lighten up.

To aid this campaign, Latina has two flavors to be Launched in Phase I - the
spanish pear
and the

Other flavors like the
eagerly awaiting enlistment.
For Latina to successfully deliver this message, it has to ensure a further increase in awareness propagation of all she has to offer.

Need To Know
For Latina to successfully spread its message of
lighten up
it needs to be aware that:

There are others doing what it does and it needs to come up with fresh and different approaches towards image creation
The image it is trying to build must start from within and spread through every channel of its existence till it gets to the final destination (the consumer)
`To generate rapid spontaneous awareness for Latina amongst targets is paramount
A higher percentage of its target market are now internet savvy and thus can be accessed through these media (Facebook, twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Online etc)
The general target audience as a whole are interested in sports, movies, fashion, lifestyle, health etc

Expected Results
Upon a successful implementation of these
Systems, there is an assurance of the following occurrences:

lightening up
millions of consumers
Increase in awareness and love for the brand because of what Latina stands for and offers
Increase in sales due to easier accessibility
Advert placement on the mobile channels through partnership

But...we must follow the concluding principles

Need to know
Proposed approach
Expected results

Goals and Objectives

There is a need to create awareness and an identity for Latina.

Image, they say is everything. It determines value, it creates demand, it determines respect, and it determines loyalty among many other things.

For Latina to succeed in the market, close attention must be paid to the image it portrays.

We should always remember that image not only involves consumers but consumers, distributors and anyone interacting with the product (staff).

To generate rapid spontaneous awareness for Latina amongst targets.

Induce trial and consumption of Latina (with 80% trial volume in the duration of the launch campaign).

To create positive word of
mouth and perception for Latina.

To create excitement among target audience.

Influence consumers to become advocates for the brand.

STRENGTH: Sugar Free (Life Plus); Fresh Juicy Exotic Taste; New Attractive Packaging (Labels & Bottles); Healthy Drink

WEAKNESS: Not Well Known (Low Awareness Drive); Very Low Stock Levels in Distribution Channels; Visibility at Target Touch Point Low; Generally, Product Availability is Low

OPPORTUNITY: More Exotic Flavors coming to the Market; It’s Origin is from a Brand known for Quality (La Casera); Stylish PET Bottle (can be taken anywhere); A Drink for anybody or everybody

THREAT: Other CSD in the market fighting for the same pocket share and highly visible in the market, i.e. Coke Zero, Pepsi Light etc; Consumers are used to drinks they are familiar with; Latina is not Known

Key Competitors
Goal oriented – success is important to them

We want freedom, adventure

Grounded, purposeful - like to manage their own lives

They don’t like to compromise & look for information themselves to help them do this

Interested in technology/gizmos, sports, movies, new trends etc

Young adults (male and female) who are ready to explore and be educated - curious minded
Always online (Facebook, twitter, blogs , dating sites etc)


Target Audience
To design online communication/awareness platforms for our target audience and the mechanics involved.

Develop creative and advert patterns.

Provide periodic reports needed for CBTI research survey.

Use all required digital platforms to drive Brand Awareness for Latina



Why Digital?
Source: Internet World Stats Dec 2012; NCC July 2013, Alexa 2013 and Google

from a mobile phone






About 50 millions Nigerians are online & over 120 Million GSM Subscribers
~25% of Subscribers use Smartphones

On the internet
28.4% Penetration



116 million
GSM lines












They choose where they go and when they go

Nairaland is the most visited Nigerian Site
Twitter data is under-represented due to media consumption methods – mobile
Google Search is biggest worldwide - it has the largest reach
YouTube is 5th most visited site

Facebook is the most used
Mobile “likes” contribute increasingly to its growth
Usage of Twitter is on the go – mobile by over 100%
Pinterest didn't’t exist about 2 years ago and it has been growing since then

Social Media Split - Nigeria

Target audience constitutes the largest age group on Facebook and
by extension the entire digital space

>9m users on Facebook
>7m monthly users through mobile
>3m daily users through mobile
65% more likes on Mobile
45% more comments on Mobile

Facebook User Profile – Nigeria
Indicative of the Online Audience Demographic Split in Nigeria

Source: Google

YouTube Trends - Viral Videos
70% of the Oliver Twist video views were watched using a mobile phone


Phase I & II Blueprints
Other Platforms
Launch of Spanish Pear & Cocktail (New Packaging) - 2013
Launch of Pineapple & Orange Flavors (New Flavors & Packaging) -2014

Platform Analysis
To successfully execute these strategies, it is important to take the following steps:
Develop a website for information dissemination and information gathering
Take advantage of social media channels for image development
Develop mobile application for in-house and external communications, also for distribution of free samples
Develop mobile/web games for the purpose of building positive brand image in the consumers’ minds
Develop animation stories with a “lighten up” message for the Latina heroes

Cocktail (mix-it)competition
Development of QR codes
Creation of accounts on Facebook, YouTube and twitter to pass out information and interact with consumers (controlled platforms)
Starting a campaign from point a-b with the soul purpose of developing a mindset of positive thinking, regardless of the situation consumers might find themselves in
Recruiting OAPs & Influencers to help with awareness on their platforms
Hosting collaborated re-launch parties for the Latina brand at point of relaunch
Sales Apps
Functional Sales Applications (Apps)

To include a brand locator functionality within the apps (web/mobile) such that consumers who want access to a particular product can find distributors within their immediate environment
To include apps (web/Mobile) interfaces for the distributors to register/place their demands for more product stocking, communicate with their clients on product stock level and market reactions
There should also be functionality that allows staff to be proactive in checking distributors if they need more products, or how their customers are reacting to the products

After this presentation, we will be able to confirm the following:

The need for Latina to have a unique interactive brand website that will have functional applications, with the primary aim of engaging consumers (target /potential audience) that will eventually transform this interface into sales
Why we need to carefully choose and design the kind of applications that will be relevant for all business needs – from the angle of the Consumers, Distribution Clients (RIMS, RMS etc), Retailers, Distributors to all staff / anyone interacting with our products
The importance of all functionalities of this platforms and how they will all contribute to return on investment (ROI)

Games Apps
Online Multi-player Games :To include educational applications/games (la snake (Latina version of snake), adventure game around the Latina heroes, la Drink man (Latina version of packman)) on mobile and web (a way of saying Latina cares). Periodic high scoring participants can be awarded prizes.
Latina cares
can be another image enabling slogan
La Snake – a version of the well known snake game where a snake drinks a flavor of Latina and grows a more beautiful skin or become fit (following the same principles as the snake game)
An adventure game to further emphasize the Latina heroes
La Drink Man – a version of the well known game packman (call it la drink man). All games will have options of single player or challenge other players online thus promoting socializing and thus warming the consumer’s hearts towards the brand
SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Text & Win Competition
Discover Latina - Adventure Series
Latina Blog (PR on Sugar Free Benefits)
Latina mix-it recipe (Weekend Cocktails)
QR Codes - Developments of QR codes for easy access of contact information and data
Separate all brand website from the La Casera website, so that there be links from all websites pointing to each brand. Each website will have its own theme, a sort of partial separate identity outside the La Casera brand.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Google Ads
Facebook Sponsored Ads
Twitter Ads
Ad banners on influential blogs
OAP social media accounts
Yahoo Ads
Latina Heroes
To redesign the costume of the superheroes to give a more heroic look, and the development of a story line for the heroes (a continued script) in which we would work with the animators chosen by the company (two to four episodes a month during launch)
To re-work the super hero costumes and their transport (vehicle) to give a more authentic super hero look (All that is worth doing is worth doing well). Also to give the super heroes a story line (containing adventure, lessons to learn and so on) and a decent series with seasons which can work as a subtle advert campaign
Do regular uploads of the adventures of Latina super heroes on YouTube, Facebook,Instagram at least for each new episode
Use twitter to regularly publicize whatever is uploaded on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

Latina Mix-it recipe
A physical and online task called MIX-IT

A challenge which involves our target audience buying Latina and creating a meal recipe that involves servings with a Latina flavor or to make a cocktail mix, and upload there recipes and pictures online and getting other people to try it out. And get likes on Facebook

10 winners with the highest ratings are chosen at the end of the competition

Winners get an iPad, products or a day out at a choice location (gym) e.t.c ( Or any prize CBTI suggests )

Latina Weekend
Weekends are fun times for our target audience – hanging out, parties, barbeques etc. Latina Weekend will be part of these weekends.
Using Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to engage them is important.
Latina Weekend tips would be posted on these different social media platforms.
The tips would include barbeque and drinks recipes that contains Latina.
Targets would be encouraged to send in pictures of themselves and their friends having fun with Latina.
Prizes are given to those with the best pictures.

Engagement Idea
(Fun Experience)
Lighten Up with Latina
represents fun.

To increase brand appeal with “Fun Experience” (For the FIT & HEALTHY)
Creative and web banners will highlight the chances for consumers to WIN this “Fun Experience”
Latina gives a select group of consumers - from the social media community, a weekend or day of fun.
Users get to participate in a contest to WIN products or gifts

An online task called Discover Latina

A challenge which involves our target audience carrying out a series of tasks within the specified
Phase I launch
period with an aim of winning prizes

Each task will require competitors finding specific locations, solving riddles and performing series of tasks to move to the next stage

Example: A target is required to name the two flavor variants of Latina or send pictures of the actual fruits
Target take pictures of the fruits creatively and post online ( an online coupon is given for a reward )
Target picks up coupon and moves to the next level for another task
After performing all tasks, target moves to the next stage

Meanwhile, write-ups (which would be prepared with our PR agencies) on Sugar-Free benefits would be sent to all registered users frequently. Newsletters (Latina Blog)

10 winners are chosen at the end of the competition

Winners get an iPad, products or a day out at a choice location (gym) e.t.c ( Or any prize CBTI suggests )

Aggressive PR on Online Newspapers, OAP social accounts , Radio programs etc would be used to push these activities for massive awareness
Discover Latina
will provide a unique opportunity to allow our target audience to explore the Latina world or even try the brand with massive PR activities and excitement around it

Targets are always online, chatting, uploading pictures, trying new apps, sharing information on Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Instagram etc. Having interesting and new platforms they can explore would help push the brand awareness online

It’s a new platform and they would surely want to try it

It's something they can share with friends

PR Strategy
Online PR

Outreach Programs


Creatively communicate the uniqueness of Latina brand as a healthy sugar-free & premium lifestyle product and tie it to relevant events, activities and personalities that interests target audience using it as engagement spring board to pull demand

Product Launch
Spanish Pear & Cocktail - New Bottle, New Label, Same sugar-free premium content
Outreach Programs
Leverage on the highly vivacious award-winning on-air personalities (OAP) to promote Latina through their platforms

Promote activations through hypes

They have large follower ship
It is a form of third party endorsement
They are believable
Radio has an extremely high penetration rate

Overall objective is to generate relevant content to effectively reach the target audience, using relevant media to communicate key messages around the Latina flavors
To generate wider media coverage for Latina in the Nigeria media landscape

Re-launch Latina Spanish Pear & Cocktail at Industry Night

To host a collaborated re-launch party for the Latina brand at the monthly Industry Nite holding at the Oriental Hotel, Lagos 

Link event to online platforms where potential attendees will have a chance to win tickets, packs of Latina and mingle with A-List music industry executives
Industry Nite is a high profile, on-going series for the music industry, where celebrities mingle and release their singles.This has attracted some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry in Africa such as 2face Idibia, M.I, Wizkid, Faze, W4, DammyKrane, 9ice, Tiwa Savage, Don Jazzy, D'Banj, Vector and many others

Reinforcing the Latina Culture through customized contents
Studying the online behavior of the target audience over time through analytic and research
Redesign of the Latina super hero costumes to have better ratings among TA
Periodic social gatherings can be organized to further cement the
spirit of lighten up

To integrate social media marketing with our overall marketing and business strategies
Social media marketing is not a stand-alone practice! It should be fully integrated into not just our overall marketing strategy, but also our business strategy
Why Social Media? ... to get MORE BUSINESS ... and SALES!!!
Whether we are using it to learn more about prospects/TA or to raise awareness for our products and services, it all falls down into getting MORE BUSINESS - directly or indirectly
To achieve this, we need to implement S.M.A.R.T business goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound)

Be Active Rather Than Passive
Social media is not a "set it and forget it" type of medium! We have to stay on top of our prospects’ minds
If we are not constantly asking questions, providing value, helping prospects, replying to requests…etc, then we are not using social media in its appropriate form
It is minor actions that seem irrelevant to most and that we do each day that will land us that major media appearance, big clients or whatever opportunity that will literally move our business to the next level
It is been proven many times that prospects need multiple exposures to brand messages before they decide to take action whether to contact you, buy from you etc
Engage Rather Than Sell
Social media marketing mostly lies in the “Not So Direct” approach to selling. There are ways we can make direct sales on social media
These ways are not restricted to - the messaging, the tone, the type of content…etc
Content is what really matters when it comes to selling on social media. We can’t just post on our Facebook page that we have this awesome product which we want our audience to check out. It has to be consumer relevant
The right way to go on social media is to build excitement for our product first so people get curious about it. Then we share interesting stories/case studies of people who have used it and liked it.
We can run some contests/sweepstakes to spice up our promotion even further and get more eyeballs to our products.
We can also set up groups, do webinars or Google hangouts if we want more engagement with our fans and followers.
By the time we launch our product; many people will jump on board because they now know us, trust us and want to buy from us
Consistency Is Key
Social media is not a “Set It and Forget It” approach
We can’t blast our followers with great engaging content today and take a break a week after
The rule of thumb to social media success is whenever our prospect thinks of our industry, we should always come up at the top of the list
How to make a room for our brand in our prospects minds? We need to be unique, creative, interesting…and all those stuff that will set us apart from the competition - ON A CONSISTENT BASIS
Tracking Performance
This is where all of our efforts come into judgment. The only way we can improve our performance on social media or any other medium is by tracking what worked and what didn’t
Unless we do this, we will probably be wasting lots of time on tactics we think would work, but they don’t
There are many sophisticated tools in the market today that can give us exactly which tactic is contributing to our business’s bottom-line and which isn’t
We can also make use of the most basic form of tracking by monitoring clicks and seeing how many have translated into leads or sales.
Google Analytics
is most suitable for such tracking, and so far it’s been really flawless in terms of tracking what converts and what doesn’t
Final Thought
As we must have noticed above, social media is always about people and never about the tools. We could have an arsenal of super sophisticated tools that can do all sorts of different stuff, but it won’t make a difference in our business if “people” aren’t at the center of our strategy. Our mindset should be clocked along with people’s needs and problems. If we maintain that simple principal, social media will be the best thing to ever happen to our business
Spur acceptance of Latina Flavors and create an emotional connection between the brand and consumer
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