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Harrison Bergeron Discussion Questions

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Christina Schnurr

on 2 July 2015

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Transcript of Harrison Bergeron Discussion Questions

Christina Schnurr
Harrison Bergeron Questions
Harrison Bergeron:
1. Describe the state of the U.S. society as described in the first paragraph. How has “equality”
been achieved?

2. Consider the characters of George and Hazel. Why isn’t Hazel handicapped?

3. How does George seem to feel about his handicaps?

4. Consider the character of Harrison in terms of both his physical qualities and personality traits.
Why is he considered a threat to society?
1a. Equality has been achieved by putting handicaps on the intelligent people in the U.S. society.

2a. Hazel is not handicapped she had an average intelligence, she couldn't think except for in short bursts.

3a. George doesn't exactly like them but they are annoying in his point of view.

4a. Harrison is considered a threat to society because he is described as a beautiful man and a very intelligent one too.
5. In your opinion, what is the shedding of Harrison’s handicaps symbolic of?

6. What is the significance of the dance that Harrison performs with the ballerina? How does the style in which the story is written change in this passage?

7. Why do you think the Vonnegut decides to write dance scene in this way?

8. How do George and Hazel react to the televised murder of their son? What connections can you
make between this scene and Fahrenheit 451?
5a. This is a symbol as he is breaking through the handicaps shell and rebelling against the law.

6a. The dance shows that Harrison is urging them on to test them. The writing changes from rigid to slightly romantic and then back to rigid.

7a. To show that Harrison can be gentle but slightly calming things down in a way.

8a. Hazel started crying but soon forgot what had happened and George totally forgot everything that happened. This story and Fahrenheit 451 are kinda the same because they're both set in a dystopian society and the government is over powering with all this technology.
9. What do you consider to be the message of Harrison Bergeron (there are multiple)? What leads
you to this understanding of the text?

10. Reread the first column of the story. What revelations occur to you now that you know the
9a. The message of this story Be careful, Don't start something you cannot end, and Don't lose hope. The different type of writing helped me understand it.

10a. reading the first column again, I picked up words like intelligence and strength and equality and then when Harrison took over the T.V. station he wanted to be a dictator/emperor.
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