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Adventure Time

No description

Leah Hunczak

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Adventure Time

A children's cartoon...
...with a bit of a dark side.
Bright Colors
Whimsical Characters
Simple Plots
Esoteric References
Complex Back Stories
Disturbing Psychoses
Last Surviving Human
Occasional Bouts of Extreme Loneliness
Clear Sense of Right and Wrong,
even in the face of
Philosophical and Ethical Ambiguities
Magical, Limitless Potential
Apathetic at Times
Wise Beyond his Years
Same voice actor as Bender, of Futurama.
Artificial Intelligence
Ambiguous Gender
Bizarrely Sexualized by Fans
Female Characters
Flame Princess is allowed to show her anger and be destructive at times.
In fact, it's in her very nature.
Lady Rainicorn speaks Korean, enjoys classical music, and isn't even remotely humanoid.
She and Jake are in an interspecies relation-
ship and raise a
mixed family.
Princess Bubblegum is
intelligent, a scientist by
trade, and supreme leader
of the Land of Ooo.
Marceline, The Vampire Queen, is one of the most compelling characters in the entire show.
She's a talented singer/songwriter, she's over one thousand years old,
and her dry sense of humor hasn't been assigned to a female character since The Golden Girls were around.
Non-Stereotypical Females continued...
Other Adult-Appreciated Nuances
Occasional references to
altered states of consciousness
Antiquated technology
The Enchiridion
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