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Animal rights presentation

A prezi about animal rights for my anchor activity.

Carly Hough

on 1 February 2012

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Transcript of Animal rights presentation

Animal rights By Carly Hough Introduction Animal rights has been a controversial subject for many years. The question "Do animals have rights?" has been answered many different ways over the years. Some extremist groups, such as PETA, have launched numerous attacks on labs over the years. Others, such as ASPCA, respond by helping the animals live a better life. Still others protest peacefully. Animals in Factory farms Did you know?
It take 15-20 foxes, 60-80 minks, and 17-20 raccoons to make a single coat? Animal Testing Animal testing is another example of animal cruelty. These animals can be killed or permanantly maimed through testing. Animal activists say that since an animal can not give its consent to be tested, the testing of animals is unethical. Dissecting animals can also diffuse respect for them. This prezi is rated PG13 for extremely sad pictures and content. Did you know?
A draize test is when a rabbit has a product dropped into it's eye to see if it is irritating. This can permanantly blind or burn the animal. Animals as Entertainment Animals as entainment is a third example of animal cruelty. These animals may be whipped or beat to get them to preform a trick. They may also be stressed by the constant traveling and the noise or camera flashes from the audience. Some animals in rodeos may be sent straight to the slaughterhouse after a preformance. Other things such as animal racing or fights may age an animal quickly an d cause numerous health defects and injuries. Did you know?
38 dog tracks still operate in thirteen states, and cock fighting is still legal in Louisiana. Animals in factory farms are mistreated in a number of ways. These animals are drugged, force-fed and kept in uncomfortable spaces. Many never leave these cages or see the sunlight. Disease and death spread easily and can kill numerous animals at a time. These animals are killed inhumanely as well, suffering through uneeded pain. Solutions Three commonly used solutions to animal abuse are reduce, refine, and replace. Reduce, the first solution, applys in three ways.
This solution applys to animals in factory farms. Reducing the number of animals in factory farms will create better living and health for these animals.
This solution also applys in animal testing. By reducing the number of animals tested on, more will srvive and not be harmed.
One last way reduce applys is through animals in entertainment. By reducing the number of animals in entertainment, the number of deaths and injuries will go down. Refine Refine, the second solution, also applys in three ways.
Refine applys first in factory farming. Farms can refine the living spaces and conditions for animals.
Second, refine applys in animal testing. Researchers can refine the test methods and spaces for the animals.
Last, refine applys in animals in entertainment. Trainers can refine the animals living spaces and number of show times. Replace Replace, the final solution, can be applied in three ways.
Factory farming is the first place this solution applys. By replacing factory farms, we can avoid hazardous waste runoff and widespead death of many animals.
Animal testing is another place this solution applys. Researchers can replace animals with models or computer programs.
The last place this solution applys is in Animals as entertainment. Trainers can replace animals with more human or machine based acts. And now, to get those sad pictures out of your head,- In conclusion, we can help save the animals from factory farms, labs, and entertainment purposes by using the principles of reduce, refine, and replace. THE END Stop Animal Cruelty- or They will get you.....! Reduce Beaten.... Injected.... Bruised... Abused... Bruised... A life of misery... All for our purposes.
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