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Morphs and allomorphs

Trabajo educativo morfológico acerca de los morphs and allomorphs

Lourdes Martinez

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Morphs and allomorphs

Index Morphs and examples
Allomorphs and examples
References Morphs Exercises Allomorphs A phonologically distinct
variant of a morpheme. (Lieber, 2009) Allomorphs vary in shape
or pronunciation according
to their conditions of use,
but not as to meaning An allomorph is an alternative
manifestation of a morpheme The negative prefix in- in English is often pronounced in- (as in intolerable), but it is also sometimes pronounced im- or il- (impossible, illegal), The plural morpheme in Turkish sometimes appears as -lar and sometimes as -ler Flower......Çiçek
Clowns......Palyaçolar Morphs and allomorphs Window......Dirisha
Doors......Milango In Swahili there are two morphemes that express
plural, mi- and ma- It is the unit of grammatical
form which realizes a morpheme. It is a formal unit
with a physical shape. It is an actual form
used as part of a word,
representing one
version of a morpheme. Cats cat + -s
Buses bus + -es Two Morphs Table table
Difficult difficult One Morph un as in unclear, in - inadequate,
im - immoral, il - illegal,
ig - ignoble, ir - irregular,
non - non-existent, dis - dishonest. Morphs http://grammar.about.com/od/mo/g/Morph.htm

Lieber, R. (2009) Introducing Morphology. Cambridge University Press:UK

http://www.sil.org/lingualinks/literacy/referencematerials/glossaryofliteracyterms/WhatIsAnAllomorph.htm extract from the LinguaLinks Library, Version 4.0, published on CD-ROM by SIL International, 1999. Page content last modified: 28 June 1999

Yule, G. (2010) The study of language. Cambridge: UK References In each word identify its morphs

dogs _______________________
snake _______________________
table _______________________
reopened _____________________
foolishness ____________________
boyish _______________________
car _______________________
cats _______________________
houses _______________________

  In each pair of words identify its allomorphs

men –pencils ___________________________________
talked – went __________________________________
bigger – better _________________________________
prettiest – worst _______________________________
impossible – illegal _____________________________
sheep (plural) – flowers _________________________

  Lourdes Martinez
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