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Let's go over ch 15 vocab

No description

Elizabeth Brathwaite

on 11 May 2018

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Transcript of Let's go over ch 15 vocab

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Warm Up
Look at the poem on the back of the magazine.
Now, let's talk about infinitives.
Say whether it's a subject or SC.
1. To eat red meat is disgusting.
2. Our goal is to sail around the world without stopping.
3. To play in a rock band has never been a dream of mine.
4. To hop on one foot is very easy for children.
The request was to make the bed before breakfast.
Let's go over ch 15 vocab
Now, let's continue working with gerunds with possessives.
Remember, you use a possessive noun or adjective when the emphasis is on the action.

Myles's running down the hall screaming was the highlight of the year.
Our swimming in the pool was the best part of the trip..
Complete exercises 1 and 2 on pgs. 92 and 93.
Infinitives as subjects and subject complements.
To write
a novel in one year challenges me.
To understand
the meaning of life confuses most people.

My wish is
to ride
a dolphin someday.

Today, my chore is
to clean
the hamster cage.

Infinitives look like verbs but act as nouns, adjectives, and adverbs.
To type
is a necessity in 2017. Noun-subject
I have a race
to win
tomorrow. adj, describes race
I ran
to get
my jacket from my room. adv, describes where I ran.
Complete exercises 1 and 2 on pgs. 94 and 95.
Now, let's quickly assign Anne Frank parts.
Mr. Frank
Mrs. Van Daan
Mr. Van Daan
Peter Van Daan
Mrs. Frank
Margot Frank
Anne Frank
Mr. Kraler
Mr. Dussel
If you don't have a part now, you could be asked to fill in if someone is absent.
We will revisit part assignments in a week.
There are questions to go with each scene. You will respond in paragraph form with text evidence as support.
participle/gerund/verb ws
ixl level 9 d.13
final mastery vocab unit due 5/16
1-15 vocab test on 5/24
Anne Frank quiz Tuesday, test Thursday
1. What do you think Niemöller’s purpose was for writing and speaking these lines throughout
his life after the war?
2. Do you think that everyone in Germany was partly responsible for the Nazi’s rise to power,
or that only those active in the Nazi Party were responsible? Explain your answer.
3. How much responsibility do you feel for what takes place around you: in your family, in
your school, in your city, in your country, and in the world? List at least three
responsibilities you feel for each level.
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