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No description

Austin White

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of AVi

AVI Timeline of Avi's life Biographical sketch of Avi Avi's style of writing The Book with out words Iron Thunder Birth
23 Dec 1937 Decison
1 Jan 1954 Graduation and Marriage
1 Jan 1963 First book
1 Jan 1970 Divorce
1 Jan 1982
Avi and Joan divorce. Second Newbery Award
1 Jan 1992 11-2-12
still lives Avi was born in 23 Dec 1937.
Then in 1 Jan 1954 the Decision happened.
in 1Jan 1963 he Graduated and married.
then went on to write his First book,1 Jan 1970
he Divorced in 1 Jan 1982.
after that he went on to write his Second Newbery Award book( 1 Jan 1992).
he is still alive today this book was great. avi's style of writing kept you engaged, wanting to read more and find out the mystery sources Avi." Timeline. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2012. <http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/avi--2> Avi. The Book without Words: A Fable of Medieval Magic. New York: Hyperion for Children, 2005. Avi, and C. B. Mordan. Iron Thunder: The Battle between the Monitor & the Merrimac : A Civil War Novel. New York: Hyperion for Children, 2007. Avi. Murder at Midnight. New York: Scholastic, 2009. Avi's style summary Avi's style
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