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Heather Pedraza's Prezi Resume'

Heather Pedraza

on 20 April 2017

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Transcript of Prezume'

Heather Pedraza
Work History
other experience
Just a little bit of information about...
*Technophile & Artisan
*RRISD employee 10+ yrs
*I am a strengths based leader with a fluid and responsive management style that adapts to team chemistry and project needs.
*U.T. and Tx.St. grad.
*Life-long learner
*Strategist @ heart
*Science Teacher since '99
*B.S. in Chemistry
physics minor
*Lifetime Teaching
*Certified Composite
Science and secondary
to share my classroom experience, leadership skills and technical acumen to create learning communities, professional development and support for educators that will help them maximize their efforts and hone their skills while releasing the potential of their students!

2004-present: Science Teacher at Round Rock High School, RRISD

Chemistry, PreAP Chemistry, Physics, PreAP Physics, AP Physics 1 and IPC.
Participated in ARRC (District curriculum) revisions in science.
Presented at the Summer Institute in Secondary Science Education
On the Emerging Leader Cohort for Chemistry and Physics (District)
PLC Summit Leader (Campus)
Academy Investigation Team
AVID team Science Teacher
2016 Math/Science Expo presenter and online presence/social media coordinator
1999–2002 Science Teacher Austin High School, AISD Austin, TX
Taught: Chemistry, honors IPC, Physics.
Technology liaison for the science department.
District Curriculum Development – Physics and IPC.
Summer 2002; 2005
The University of Texas at Austin
Acting Lead Researcher
- Grant: ARP/ATP Supplemental Teacher Grants Program.
Worked with
Dr. Tess Moon
(ME, 2002) and

Dr. Steven Bryant
(GPE, 2005).
Independent research, team presentations, created websites and lessons using the research experience.
Summer 2006
The University of Texas at Austin
– science lesson plans
Created Lessons and other resources for UT’s
Utopia project.
Worked with
Lynn Morlier
Justin Olmanson
Emphasis on TEKS alignment and use of technology
Designed Lessons for Teachers to use with UT's online modules.
Summer 2011
participant Austin, TX
Research Assistant
Dr. Bill Dower
with polymer research.
Planned, carried out and communicated results of laboratory investigations to the team.
Used a variety of programs (minitab etc.) to gather, evaluate and present data.
Kurt Reeves - Science Dept. AP RRHS

Melissa Placencio - Science Curriculum Coordinator RRISD

Aracely Sandoval - Curriculum Coach - Secondary Science
Daniel Evans - Instructional Technology Specialist RRHS

Daniel Morgan - Teacher RRHS and Mentee
Sherri Jones - Secondary Math Specialist UT Dana Center
Shaunna Smith - Professor Texas State University
Thank-you for your consideration.
Sincerely, Heather Pedraza
Strength Finder
Top 5 Strengths
1. Strategic
2. Belief
3. Command
4. Empathy
5. Developer
Dina's email is now: Dina.Schaefer@pfisd.net
Master's in Educational
Technology with a Cognate
in Educational Leadership
May 2016
click here -->
for youtube on
Ruben's Tubes
AWANA commander - Lead Manager of a large PreK - 6th grade program at our church. Budget, personnel, training, asset allocation, scheduling...

Spring 2016
Online Presence and Social Media Coordinator for EdTechCon16
Understanding Organizations
Understanding Self
Curriculum Design
Supervising Instruction
Clinical Research
EdTech Conference 2016

Graduated 1999
B.S. in Chemistry
minor in Physics
Lifetime Teaching
Heather was a student in our Educational Technology Master's program, and I taught her in several classes. She was an excellent student, both bright and hard working. She has a firm understanding of both the educational and technology sides of our field, and while she's best equipped to take on a position in Ed Tech, she's also one of a few students I've taught who would do well in a purely technology-focused position.
- Added 3/27/17 by Dr. Douglas Holschuh, Senior Lecturer at Texas State University
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