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Capstone Presentation

No description

Audrey Howard

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Capstone Presentation

A Critical Look at
International Development Center for Development in Central America
"By means of the development apparatus, donor countries are able to impose specific agendas upon recipient countries that ultimately serve the donor countries' interests. They are able to do this because they are paying the tab. By giving tens of billions of dollars each year...[they] set the terms under which that money is spent and define the projects that are carried out. In the long run, these projects benefit the donor countries to a greater extent than the so-called recipients." Is there a better way? . . . . The Development Industry Benefits to donor countries...
natural resources
cheap labor
new markets "Donor" countries provide financial assistance for economic & political development
Equates development with economic growth subcribes to the idea of globalization "Business" of nation building that leads to global governance
Allows donor countries to promote their various global agendas - Jeffrey Jackson, "The Globalizers" The Halo Effect Priming the Pump "...the goal is to match local concerns & needs with the various U.S. interests in that part of the world." - USAID employee Spotlight: maquiladoras A SUstainable Approach maquiladora = manufacturing plant 1980s: USAID participated in their creation
1990s: USAID participated in legitimization Global Agenda: promoted free-market reforms in developing countries

- Benefit U.S. businesses
- Reduce immigration to U.S. $100 million Cone Denim factory built in Nicaragua shut down due to economic downturn CDCA worker-owned cooperatives Complete production chain within the community Fair trade Personal investment Skill building & community building Can an organization operating on a small scale make meaningful improvements? young organization
operates at community level
modest budget
dependent on volunteers & donations
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