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The 5 Critical C's For Social Media Engagement

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Kenny Jahng

on 23 August 2011

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Transcript of The 5 Critical C's For Social Media Engagement

Social Media is. . . People Talk All Day About It
But Is Anyone Really Using It? The 5 Critical C's for Community Engagement with Social Media Big Click Syndicate LLC

Non-Profit, Cause-Related
&Church Ministries
Consulting and Coaching


www.KennyJahng.com *Wikipedia lists 189 social networks today Cocktail reception: CC BY licence by alisdair http://www.flickr.com/photos/alisdair/17303737 PHOTO CREDITS *Wikipedia currently lists 189 social networking platforms. . . Social Media Is Like A Cocktail Party So . . . if this is the WRONG WAY,

What is the RIGHT WAY? Adoption Rates Skyrocketing Ubiquitous Mind boggling impressive Overwhelming Powerful Efficient Hype News Conversations Work “All things were created through Christ and for Christ” (Col 1:16). The world does not know it,
but that is why Twitter exists
and that’s why I Tweet. @johnpiper ...coordinating a variety of
marketing & customer-facing activities—
someone who functions like

expertly choreographing talent
in real time to engage the audience
in a seamless, interactive experience. Harvard Business Review a circus ringmaster, Rev. Tim Keller
On Ei + Gospel EntrepreneurshiP We teach that excellence in work
is a crucial means to gain credibility
for our faith. If Christians live in major
cultural centers and simply do their work
in an excellent but distinctive manner
it will ultimately produce a
different kind of culture than
the one in which we live now. Rev. Tim Keller
On WorK and Cultural Renewal The monks in the Middle Ages
moved out through pagan Europe, inventing and establishing academies, universities, and hospitals. They transformed local economies and
cared for the weak through these new institutions.
They let the gospel change how they did their work and that meant they worked for others
rather than for themselves.
Christians today should be
aiming for the same thing. Five Rings Of Awesomeness Social Media Ringmaster Entrance Twitter Lists
Blog Rolls
Directories FB & LinkedIn Groups
Conference / Event Schdule
Roundtable / Advisory Board MINE vs. OURS
Let them EDIT, not create
Promote quality contributors
Effective rewards WHAT HAPPENED TO
OF WEB 1.0? 1 2 3 4 5 78% of
social media marketers
found that
increased traffic
occurred with
about an
hour a day Approx 60% of
social media marketers
reported lead generation
benefits with
only two
hours a day If you look at experience, 80% of social media marketers with 3 years experience report
lead generation
benefits Relationships
(Your Business) Connections Conversations Community Collaboration Corralling The Power Is In The Network Share Devices
WOMM Assets
Customizable Media Forward-Worthy
Invitable Webinars
About Us Section Give up control. Not vision.
User Generated Content, NOT: You, Sir Generated Content
Empower Ambassador Creators & Curators
Everything BIG was small at some point. Start small. 1st Step: Listening Posts
Talk WITH people, not AT people.
Add VALUE to other people's streams Inform to Conform
Convincible is Invincible! YOU vs. YOU
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