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Mind Control

No description

Mohamed Yousri

on 30 June 2013

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Transcript of Mind Control

•Selects a channel and PAN ID (both 64-bit and 16- bit) to start the network.
•Can allow routers and end devices to join the network.
•Can assist in routing data.
•Cannot sleep--should be mains powered.
Mesh network
Point to Multipoint
I. Broadcast Transmissions
Types of transmission
UWB-Ultra Wide Band
Zigbee is a wireless communication protocol like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it is a standard for low-power; short range wireless devices based on an IEEE 802 standard for personal area networks (PAN).
Zigbee devices are capable of
Mesh communication.
•Must join a ZigBee PAN before it can transmit, receive, or route data.
•After joining, can allow routers and end devices to join the network.
•After joining, can assist in routing data.
•Cannot sleep--should be mains powered.
End device:
•Must join a ZigBee PAN before it can transmit or receive data.
•Cannot allow devices to join the network.
•Must always transmit and receive RF data through its parent. Cannot route data.
•Can enter low power modes to conserve power and can be battery-powered.
Broadcast transmissions within the ZigBee protocol are intended to be propagated throughout the entire network such that all nodes receive the transmission. To accomplish this, the coordinator and all routers that receive a broadcast transmission will retransmit the packet three times.
II. Unicast Transmissions
Unicast transmissions are sent from one source device to another destination device. The destination device could be an immediate neighbor of the source, or it could be several hops away. Unicast transmissions that are sent along a multiple hop path require some means of establishing a route to the destination device.
XBee Pro Wireless Communicate with Microcontroller
Zigbee connection
Configuration of zigbee Xbee Pro to PC
The Research Edition SDK (Software Development Kit) includes an Emotiv EEG neuroheadset: a 14 channel with high resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset.
Emotiv SDK Research Edition
Features of headset
EEG display
FFT display
GYRO display
Data packets
H-Bridge Module
Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
DTMF Circuit
Wireless Communication
Emotiv SDK Research Edition
Brain Structure
Introduction to BCIs
Brain Wave
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