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Roberto Cavalli

Retail Management Mid term

Mariana Rivera

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Roberto Cavalli

Retail Management mid term Roberto Cavalli Introduction Roberto Cavalli is a fashion designer and his haute couture brand is known worldwide. Target The main target for this label is basically every women and some men from upper middle class and above. It’s generation target is generation X and Y. This is a ‘young label’ so the people who buy it are people who want a young image, also wild and sexy, they usually have a healthy life style and have plenty of free time. Brand Identity Synthesis of product Marketing Campaigns By Mariana Rivera Biography Born 15 November 1940, is an Italian fashion designer from Florence. Just Cavalli Cafe The Cavalli Café is a way of advertisement and marketing that works both ways, making the café desirable for people by using this brand and also showing the society what Cavalli is capable of, advertising the beauty and position of the brand. Cavalli for Coca Cola In the Fall of 2008, Coke Light had bottles designed by Cavalli. Competition These brands are as ‘functional luxury’ in the minds of consumers. Roberto Cavalli maintains a product line with great width and depth consisting of many products. Brand positioning and market mapping Mini Cooper Cavalli Mini Cooper has gone fashionista..
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