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No description

Christine Y.

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of PADAMONIA


design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Christine Yan
Children live in different faction named Crib

Separated from the society beautiful adults, Padamonia

Taught beauty is the most important factor

Everyone dreams for the day they turn 18 and beautiful

Distopian Society
Extreme Beauty
Everyone must conform to beauty

At the age of 18, everyone undergoes plastic surgery to become beautiful

High Tech and Efficient Society that stresses appearances

Beautiful Adults & Ugly Children
Divergent & Hunger Games
"Fuck the system"
Dystopian society - separation of groups of people, brainwashed
Different protagonist who wants change

200 Pounds Beauty
Extreme plastic surgery transformation
Importance of appearances
Similiar Movies
One day Rina and her best friend sneak into Padamonia. While they are there, they feel something is not right and find out something disturbing. All the adults, although beautiful, do not have a mind of their own and only carry out their designated job.

While trying to sneak back into Padamonia again, Rina discovers a small society of older runaway ugly adults named Riot. There she learns that people are being brainwashed from an chip in their brain, inserted during the plastic surgery.

With help from her friends and someone unexpected, Rina is able to deactivate all the chips and save the brainwashed beautiful adults.

Age 16
Free spirit
Willing to go against authority

Hero - RINA
Actress: Madeline Carroll from "Flipped"
In a society where everyone must undergo surgery to become beautiful, Rina discovers that people's appearances aren't the only thing being altered. After learning the disturbing truth behind the plastic surgeries, Rina must find a way to save her friends and everyone in Padamonia.
Genre: Dystopia / Sci Fi

Similiar to
Hunger Games
Narrative structure from Rina's view point
Mostly long and medium shots
Establishing shot to set mood
Close up shot to hone on emotions
Tracking/ Dolly Shot and Tails Away during action scenes
Padamonia - High Tech Modern Sci Fi City

Crib - Basic, elementary and orderly

Popular Genre : Dystopian Society & Sci-Fi
Wide Audience : Young adults, Teens, Adults who like Sci-Fi
Relatable: Age of obsession with appearances
Irony: Increasing number of plastic surgery procedures

Riot - In the wilderness, rugged
Populated Genre Category
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