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Sandy: the Hurracaine

No description

Chris Mark

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Sandy: the Hurracaine

hurricane sandy started out as a
low pressure system in Oct.22, 2012 Hurricane Sandy started out as
a low pressure system on
Oct.19, 2012. It quickly became a
tropical storm just 6 hours after it

It became a hurricane just south of Jamaica on Oct. 24th. It hit Jamaica later on Oct.24th, killing
one person and causing 55 million
in damage.

. Sandy slammed into New Jersey
around 8 pm on Oct.29th, finally
making landfall on USA.

. A full moon amplified
Sandy's storm surge
by 20%. Collision with an arctic air mass
made it into a "superstorm" or what
some called "Frankenstorm"! Seawater flooded Manhattan's
streets, subway system and the
electrical system that powers
Wall Street. The stock exchange
was closed for two days. .

A crane was nearly toppled
74 stories above Midtown. As of Oct. 31, nearly 8.5 million people in 15 states were without electricity. The next day only 4.7 million were without power. By Nov. 1, Sandy had finally
been scattered. It left behind
$20 billion in property damage
and up to $30 billion in lost
business in the U.S.

. Here is Hurricaine
Sandy's path: There were over 630 national
guards activated due to


A concert was held to raise
money for those affected
by Hurricane Sandy on Dec.12,
2012. It raised 23 million in total. A Hurricane Sandy relief
foundation called HSRF
was established on Oct.
30th. It has raised 6 billion
dollars so far. The death toll was 253 people and
damages totaling 73.98 billion.

. Sandy interrupted the
presidential campaigns
of Obama and Romney.

. At one point, Sandy's hurricane-force winds (of at least 119 km/h) extended up to 280 km from its center making it the second largest Atlantic hurricane on record.

. Hurricane Sandy caused a lot
of damage. We in Canada were lucky
not to be caught in it. Many homes
were damaged beyond repair. It will
take months to years to recover.
Together,we can help those who were not
so fortunate. Donate and we can
restore things for them back to
the way it was. Update: Last week on Jan. 29th, President Obama signed a bill providing $50.5 billion in
aid to help the victims rebuild from Sandy.

. A state of emergency was declared in Virginia,
Washington, D.C., Maryland and Delaware. Sandy, becoming a Category 2 hurricane, hit Cuba early Oct.25, killing 11 and causing 2 billion
in damage.

. Hurricane Sandy

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