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Designer Workbook

P674 Designing for Change

Li Yuhan

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Designer Workbook

Sophia & Yuhan Getting Started Discovery INTERPRETATION IDEATION EVOLUTION 1. Define
your Challenge Understand Challenge Track Learnings 2. Create a
Project Plan Prepare Research Sources of Inspiration Interview Protocol Observation Gather Inspiration Tell Stories Search for Meaning Frame Opportunities Generate Ideas Refine Ideas EXPERIMENTATION Make Prototypes Get Feedback Engage Others BPS MAKES! BPS MAKES Documentation! work within the existing Passions framework at Bloomington Project School (BPS) to improve systems of sharing, reflection, and documentation?
teachers use the documents to iterate on the curriculum
teachers and students develop new habits of documentation
more members of the BPS community become interested in and involved in the BPS Makes work because they found out about it from the shared documents
BPS begins to think of itself as a "Maker school" ... and Documents HMW ? We'll know it's working when...

Leverage the existing school culture/community to document the Making work? (teacher buy-in)
Help BPS to establish a permanent identity as a "Maker school" within the community?
Establish some form of incentive system among students so they feel as if they are documenting for a reason? (student buy-in) New How Might We's Mini-Maker Faire!
student led system
recognition for making Independent
Readings Promising Ideas Emerging from Feedback Session Independent Readings •MacRae, C. (2013), Teacher, researcher and artist: Thinking about documentary practices.

•Delpit, L. D. (1988). The silenced dialogue: Power and pedagogy in educating other people’s children.

•Eubanks, E., Parish, R., & Smith, D. (1997). Changing the discourse in schools. Next Design Challenge How might we help BPS to reframe all the creative work they are doing as part of a single process: making?
(articulated by Daniel) "I wish I could have opportunities to understand how tinkering and making are implemented in school settings."--Yuhan "I wish there were more creativity, tinkering, and play in schools." --Sophia Initial Tentative Timeline Identifying Users Core Users:
Christian and Rafi
BPS teachers
BPS leaders

Extreme Users
Interior design students
Grad students who keep
portfolios Experts
Design researchers
BPS leaders
Adult makers

Extended Audience:
BPS students
BPS families
Community (Interior Design Student/
Special Edu Student) Notes from meeting with Christian and Rafi (Mar 11, 2013) Notes from observation of Sound Studio Passions (Feb. 15, 2013) Ideas From Extreme Users Interview
For students, documentation could enhance learning and help build a learning community. But how to make them engage in the documentation process is still an issue needing our attention.
Also, documentation and reflection could work better if we can help students understand its goal and function before they start doing it and improve their metacognition. Memorable Moments from Interviews
The Fab Cart and BPS Makes work will hopefully help the school be "more of itself," since it already has a rich culture of creativity.
Many sources of documentation already exist; they simply need organization and buy-in
For our Designing for Change class, we decided to work with the Bloomington Project School (BPS: http://bloomingtonprojectschool.org/). Two of our classmates, Christian and Rafi, were working on a new initiative at BPS: BPS Makes! (http://bpsmakes.wordpress.com/) Through a "Fabrication Cart" (Fab Cart) of technological tools and a series of Studio activities (a.k.a., "Studio Passions"), they have been introducing the concept of "making" to help enhance BPS's existing creative work. Our challenge was to help document the making work. Context We shared what we had learned from observations and interviews with classmates Andi and Hilary. From this discussion, three overarching categories emerged:
documentation/ communication
leveraging existing structures Celebration of MAKING!: On the last day of the next 6-week passions period (during which 2 3-week passions sessions would have occurred), a sort of capstone "celebration" will take place. Similar events occur at the end of units in regular classes, such as Author Days in Writers' Workshop, and Gallery Days in art classes. The Celebration of Making will try to adhere as closely to those other events as possible. Students will display their makes, pictures, and videos (from their video reflections) of them working on making. While it will primarily focus on the Studio passions (Sound Studio and Interactive Bookmaking Studio), any makers within BPS will be welcome to attend and display their work. The entire BPS community will be invited, including other teachers and students, parents, and local journalists. We will ask interested students to document the event with pictures, video, blog posts, articles, etc. (it would be great if that could give them credit for Writers' Workshop too). One table will have an actual hands-on making activity. Poster prototypes shown to classmates, Daniel Baron (school leader from BPS), and Ted Hall (critical theorist professor) Presentation given to Daniel, Emily (BPS teacher) and Christian Prototype Feedback "Make clear how this will
improve documentation" Indicators of Success Students find it to be a fun and interesting way to reflect and document
Teachers find it useful for students' learning and community building.
Inspire and encourage more making work
Increase influence of BPS's making in the local community
BPS establishes an identity as a "maker school," framing all the creative work it does as a form of making "Have a table for DIY snacks
run by the girls who
invented Chocolate-Making
Passions." We have been invited to remain involved with the BPS Makes work.
We presented the Celebration of Making idea to teachers at the BPS staff meeting on Apr. 24, where Daniel also introduced the idea of an overarching Maker framework for BPS's creative work.
Teachers seemed interested and invested in the Celebration idea.
Some suggested having the event coincide with Bloomington's First Fridays Gallery Walk. The next one will be on June 7. This would certainly increase the impact of students' making on the Bloomington community! Next Steps "Publicize by collecting pictures of
making from teachers, using new BPS Facebook page, and advertising on blog
and newsletters."
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