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Biology Mr. Perez project on Melanocyte

Maggie M

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Melanocyte

Melanocyte By: Maggie Mesamoe Why is this cell considered to be a eukaryotic cell or a prokaryotic cell? A melanocyte is considered a eukaryotic cell because its nucleus holds DNA and it also contains organelles . melanocytes are cells that produce melonate that determines the color of the skin hair and eye color. EXAMPLES Here are examples of organelles This is what DNA looks like Here is a time elapsed video of what happens What organelles are inside of the cell? Melanocytes consist of a special organelle known as melanosomes. Melanosomes are only found in Melanocytes. How long does it grow before it reproduces and how long does it live for? The melanocyte can get up to as long as 7 μm (microns) before they reproduce and they can only reproduce so many times before they die and that process continues. Where is the melanocyte cell located? This cell is located at the bottom layer of the skins epiderrmis, the middle layer of the eye the inner ear and also in your bones, as well as your heart. inner ear middle layer of the eye bones heart bottom of skins epidermis What is the function of this cell? What this cell does is it determines what color hair you are going to have what your eye color is going to be and it also determines your skin color. What would happen to the body if these cells failed to work? What would happen to the body is that you would be an albino. An albino person or animal is someone who does not have any color and they are also very sensitive to light here is a picture of an albino rabbit Bibliography
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