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Modern Music Industry & Does it Affect our Younger Society?

POL 581 - Proposal Assignment

wes meserve

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Modern Music Industry & Does it Affect our Younger Society?

Does the Modern Music Industry affect our younger society in any way, and if so, what are these effects? A presentation for Professor Michael D. Goodman
Written by: Wes Meserve 12/04/12 Agenda Introduction
MTV & Music Videos
Technology Advancements
Crime Rates
Data Analysis
Recommendations Introduction Music is an extremely influential force on all humans who listen to it.
Music leaves varying impacts on different people.
It can send many different feelings to individuals.
Young people may tend to hang around people whom listen to the same types of music
Two very popular types of music now are hip-hop and rap.
Many rap songs involve sex, drugs, and alcohol and parents do not like this. "It is believed that children shape their identities, values, and behaviors by drawing clues from their environments." (Richardson, and Scott 175-192) Top 5 hits are usually hip hop, pop, and rap.
American public wants to hear about relationships, sex, and violence.
80% of the rap music that is on the top 10 lists around the world contains violence.
1989 - N.W.A.changed rap into what was the start of Gangsta Rap.
1990 - Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. die.
Dr. Dre takes over and takes Gangsta Rap to another level
Crime rate increases A little History... Back in the day, it was a different story
Yes, some of the lyrics were bad, however the bands wrote more about their emotion and it was shown behind their songs! Comparison of Old to New Rap was invented in the 1980s and Sugar Hill Gang was a very popular group who sang the song "Rapper's Delight"
This song does not even have any swears or violence and the sexuality is no where like it is today
Another popular rap group was called Kool Moe Dee who sang "I Got To Work."
It seems like the intelligence of these songs is there and it is sending a good message. Comparison of Old to New Jay-Z, Flo Rida, and Ying Yang Twins are popular artists nowadays
Jay-Z has a song "99 problems"
Flo-Rida's popular song "Whistle"
Also, Ying Yang Twin's popular song is called "Wait" or "The Whisper Song" MTV & Music Videos MTV was invented in 1980 as well as BET
Music videos can portray anything the artist would like: violence, drugs, alcohol, and sexual acts
Younger members of society spend the most time watching these videos.
Rap and Hip hop videos are notorious for showing explicit material as well as showing girls or women depicted as mere sex objects by men. "Though music videos are particularly entertaining especially for those who love music in general, too much exposure to it can lead to negative effects. Children and teens are the most vulnerable to these effects." Technology Advancements We have made numerous technological advancements in this decade
With invention of internet, MTV and music videos are more available
With the invention of portable, hand held devices, anything is at the touch of anyone's fingertips.
All of this technology as well as music videos were not readily and as easily accessible back in the day. Crime Rates A Study was done with 522 black girls between 14-18 years old
Girls watched gangsta videos for at least 14 hours a week
Over the course of the one year study, they were:
3x more likely to hit a teacher
>2.5x more likely to get arrested
2x as likely to have multiple sexual partners
1.5x as likely to get a sexually transmitted disease, use drugs, or drink alcohol Research Sampling I will be comparing three different towns in Massachusetts
Massachusetts was picked because it will be the easiest and there are a lot of variations with the towns and cities in the state
The cities/towns I picked are West Newbury, Salisbury, and New Bedford
All of these cities show an increase trend in crime West Newbury On the low end of crime
Below the state average as well as the country average
2012 crime projected to be greater than 2011
Violent Crime Rate: <national average by 66.16%, <state average by 70.73%
City Property Crime Rate: <national average by 75.24%, <state average by 69.01% West Newbury "Sampling is the process of selecting untis from a population of interest so that by studying the sample we may fairly generalize our results back to the population from which they were chosen." Salisbury "You need to look at cases where the variables you're attempting to explain actually vary."
-Kristin Luker The second city I have chosen. Located on the north shore like West Newbury.
Salisbury crime rates are pretty much neutral and are pretty close to equal to the state and national level.
Violent Crime Rate: >national average by 3.56%, lower than state average by 10.42%
City Property Crime Rate: <national average by 25.4%, <state average by 6.63% Salisbury New Bedford The last city is New Bedford and this city is more on the high ends of crime
New Bedford is located on the south coast of Massachusetts
The city is higher than the national average as well as the state average in 2010 when dealing with crime.
Violent Crime Rate: >National average by 220.69%, >State average by 177.41%
Property Crime Rate: >National average by 36.52%, >State average by 70.56& New Bedford Surveys For research to work effectively, I must hand out surveys to individuals in each of these cities.
I have made surveys for different age groups
Age groups: 13-19, 20-30, 31-45, 46-60
Distributing of the surveys:
13-19: in high schools and middle schools in each town
20-30: Mailbox drop technique as well as local businesses & police stations (this will be the same for other age groups) Surveys Paper surveys will have a mail back address so they can mail it back
Survey will also have an online version on SurveyMonkey
Will be put on a large Facebook group and will be marketed and advertised to their certain age groups.
When an individual receives a survey at their house, they can complete either the online option or mail back option
Indirect Measure of research: Going to local auto mechanics, looking at radio stations and either handing out survey or giving interview. "Doing no harm in working with people as sources of data. you do not want to harm the individuals you poll and interview." Measurement There will be many key concepts I must measure and the different techniques of research I plan on implementing "In salsa-dancing terms, I want you to tell me why, a busy social scientist, might remotely be interested in your case or question. Why would I take hours or days out of my busy life to read the book that you're just getting ready to write? I know that you don't know all the details yet, because you are early on in the journey. But from the very outset, I need to know why I should care." This is very important and there are many reasons to why a scientist should carry through with my research proposal Crime & Gangsta Rap Crime rate has been increasing since the introduction of gangsta rap
The APA claimed that quote around the same time Gangsta Rap was invented
A study by the Prevention Research Center of the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in Berkely, California suggests that young people who do listen to hip-hop and rap are more likely to abuse alcohol and commit violent acts.
Could this be a coincidence, or an actual relation to music and violence?
One may know this from continuing my research!
Maybe something can be done with regulating the music so it is more "acceptable." "Statistics show that by the early 1990s, the incidence of violence caused by young people reached unparalleled levels in the American society." Studies Show... "We see a continuing growth of violence with young people across the board - not just African American youth, but youth in America-the mix of violence and alcoholism is deadly, as we know. How do you get America to look at this and say, if nothing else, if you see drinking as a non-issue because we kind of wink and nod at alcoholism in this country, how do we convince them that violence and alcoholism is a toxic mix for the youth?" Magazines and exposure for African Americans to them...
Studies have shown that people who start to drink before 15 years old; they are 4x as more likely to become alcohol dependent than those who wait until they are 21.
They are also 11x more likely to suffer from violence and to be involved in a fight after drinking.
If all of these reasons do not explain Luker's suggestion, I don't know what else needs to be said.
Something must be done to reduce violence among the younger people! Measurement - Surveys Surveys will be a major source of measurement for research
Must be careful as to not ask too harsh of questions on them
Like Booth said, I do not want to harm any data sources from giving me valuable information.
I have varied the ?s on my surveys depending on their age in order to get the most valuable information for this project.
I will also be going to local auto mechanic shops in these cities and seeing what radio station the cars were tuned to.
The survey will be handed out to the owners on the spot
Surveys are short to prevent the person answering it from getting bored. Data Analysis I will be collecting data from all my surveys, interviews, and auto mechanic encounters.
Once information is collected, I will make sense of it.
Every question on the surveys is very helpful to me
How each individual responds to ?s is how I will analyze and put together data
I will analyze data with all surveys and compare age groups in different cities
Every city will be of influence
I shall make graphs, tables, and displays of all the data
Visual displays will make my statement stand out more Recommendations I also plan to analyze other studies that have been done in the past similar to this one.
This will help prove that this proposal has value to be carried out and researched, as well as providing extra information for analysis.
If my research is carried out, maybe we can all figure if music accounts for violence and "loss of innocence" among teens.
Carrying out this proposal may increase safety for younger society and maybe society as a whole.
From all the stats and data provided in this proposal; if that does not show something should be done about music, I don't know what else has to be said. "Risk factors such as poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, gang participation, and pervasive violence in all forms of media have been blamed for the 10 children and teens that die every day in the United States. One young life is lost every 2.5 hours due to violence." Thank you Thank you for watching and listening to my presentation! I hope you all like it, and please let me know your thoughts! A presentation by: Wes Meserve References Becker, Howard. "The Epistemology of Qualitative Research." . N.p.. Web. 10 Nov 2012. http://content.xanedu.com/xsc/04000000/04388000/04388077/4388077.pdf?ID=0.66502248564932
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