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Before I was, There Were...

No description

Sarah Willbanks

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Before I was, There Were...

Before I was, There Were...
Before I was, there were my brothers, Russell and Randall. My brothers have helped me with so much in life. Russell, who is the oldest, 30, is a lot like me; we even look alike. He has been a big part of my life because he’s always been around. My other brother, Randall, who is the middle child, is 25. He has been a really great influence and inspiration in my life. He finished high school and has a college degree. He is the one person giving me the most and best advice for college, including how to apply to them. My brothers are two men that I know I can always look to for advice and protection. Even though we bicker a lot, I know they’ll always be there.

Before my brothers, there were my parents, Steve and Sharon. My parents are two of the hardest working people I know. They have always strived to do their best to support my two brothers and I. They may fight and argue but they still love each other and I hope to have that when I am older. No two people are perfect, but two imperfect people together make one perfect person. I believe my parents are pretty close to perfect for each other. I want a marriage like that, not a perfect one, but I hope for it to be close, like theirs. I love my parents and I know that they are always going to support me.
Before my parents, there were my aunts and uncles. I have 2 aunts and 2 uncles. Sadly, they are all on my dad’s side. My mom was an only child. My aunts are Annette and Angela. Annette is a buddhist and is such a kind and wonderful person. She is so caring towards animals just like me and I think that’s where I get my love for animals from. Angela is a very carefree soul. She is very outgoing and wild. My uncles are Stan and Stuart. Stan is a very humorous guy and loves music, movies, and planes. Stuart is gentle and kind. He will do anything for you, as long as you’re polite and kind towards him. My dad is the oldest of them all, then it’s Stan, Stuart, Annette, and Angela. My grandma gave birth to some of the greatest people I know.
My Aunts and Uncles
My Brothers
My Parents
My Grandparents
Before my aunts and uncles, there were my grandparents, Francis and Benjamin (Benny for short), and Russell and Lou. I never got to meet my mom’s dad, Russell, or my dad’s dad, Benny, but I have heard so many wonderful stories about them and I can tell, just from those, that they were two great men. My parents tell me all the time that they would have loved me. I barely remember my mom’s mom, I was about six or seven when she died from lung cancer, but I remember that she was a strong woman. My dad’s mom, Francis, is the only grandparent I have left. I love her with all of my heart. She is one of the nicest and kindest woman I have ever met. I would do anything for her and my heart will break when it’s her time to go.
"Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."
-David Ogden Stiers

"The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next." -Abraham Lincoln
School Bells
Elementary was an entire new world for me. It's where I met most of the people I know now. It's where I over came being shy. It is also where I met someone that would become my absolute best friend for almost nine years. I attended Tarver Rendon Elementary and that school was filled with memories from kindergarten to 4th grade. I never had an awful teacher and I never had many troubles. My teachers were wonderful and my friends were great. I enjoyed music and spanish class the most. I'll never forget that place.
5th & 6th grade
Fifth and sixth grade were somewhat of a blur for me. I went to Donna Shepard Intermediate and It wasn't really special to me. The only thing different from this school and Tarver Rendon is that Donna Shepard was a two story school which meant stairs, which I dread. The highlight of my 5th and 6th grade years was probably basketball. Its one of the only sports I ever really played and enjoyed plus I made some cool friends. I stopped playing after 6th grade though; my asthma was starting to get worse and I couldn't handle the heat, so I got out of the kitchen.
7th & 8th
Well, Worley middle school was a completely different experience. I made a few new friends but not many since I was still going to school with the same people as before and honestly, it was getting boring. I managed to make it through though. I had some teachers I didn't like but I had one that I really enjoyed. Then there was Jobe middle school, I hated that school with a passion. Even though most of my friends went there, they didn't help with how awful some of the teachers were, they were just so mean and their rules were ridiculous. None the less, I still made a few memories there just like every other school.
School Friends
I had one main friend through nine years. Her name was Kahlan. I've known her for a while but we became best buds in kindergarten. Her mom and dad had moved in next door and we met at school. We were inseperable throughout school up until our sophomore year. We would do positively everything together. We'd go camping, swimming, we'd have sleepovers all the time, even on school nights. I made so many memories with that girl and no matter what, I'll always care about her whether we're friends or not.
School Friends pt. 2
Another really good friend I made in school was a boy named Duston. I met him in eighth grade and we're still going strong. I see him all the time and he's my best friend ever. I love that boy like a brother and I'd just do just about anything for him. He's such a great person in his own way and I really admire that about him. He makes me laugh and I make him laugh and I know I can trust him with everything. I don't think I'll ever meet someone quite like him again.
High School: The Early Years
"High school: The mouse race that prepares you for the rat race. " -Unknown

First Steps into High School
Making it through middle school was an accomplishment all in it's self, but high school is the next step and it was one of the hardest steps through education, especially freshman, sophomore, and junior year. A lot happened in just three years. I transformed into an entirely new person. I got a new look, attitude and I gained new friends and acquaintances. Change is a huge part of life and I'm sure nearly everyone goes through different stages of change in high school. I made quite a few mistakes but that's all part of the process and without them, I'd never be who or where I am today. I couldn't be happier with who I've turned into.

Freshman year is somewhat of a blur. Its not a year I enjoyed very much. My entire summer and freshman year were filled to the brim with one thing, a boy. This boy was named Tanner. I thought he was so spectacular and wonderful. Turns out he was full of himself like most freshman boys were. He was the only boy I ever uttered those three little words too and I honestly wish I could change my freshman year but then I realize that without that one awful time in life, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be a strong, smart individual. I can’t say that I regret any of it because at one point, it made me happy and it was just what I wanted.

Sophomore. Moving up in high school is like moving up in the food chain. You’re no longer an ant but you’re no better than a monkey. I didn’t change much between my freshman and sophomore year except one thing. The girl I had been best friends with since kindergarten is no longer in my life, and a girl I’ve known since 7th grade is becoming a very good friend of mine. Around the middle of the year, we were conjoined at the hip. I told her everything and she did the same to me. She was a wonderful friend and a well-rounded person with a great outlook on life. Her name was Cora and she was my best friend.

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