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Unwholly Prezi

Unwholly Final

Ramatou Soumare

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Unwholly Prezi

by Erik Preston
SCIN 130
8 Mar 2014
Risa Megan Ward
Lake Ouachita
Risa Ward, Conner Lassiter's girlfriend, is a 17 year old Ex-AWOL Unwind. She was a chief medic in the graveyard(Home for AWOL UNwinds) until she ended up in the hands of the proactive citizenry. She was forced to undergo a spine transplant and pretend to be in love with the rewind Camus Comprix. Risa was only trying to protect the Graveyard and Connor, the proactive citizenry gave her no choice but to sign the contract. Risa was a sweet brunette who wanted no harm to anyone but she did despise unwinding.
Favorite Scene
My favorite scene is theone where risa exploded on National television. She had just seen the attack on the graveyard and realized that Roverta broke the agreement. The interview started off like every ohter and then she went balistic. She told the viewers how she really felt about unwinding and what made her say and do things she had previously done. She blasted the Proactive Citizenry and Roberta was angry. The thing is, Roberta wasn't able to stop it
Connor Lassiter
Camus Comprix
Levi Jedadiah Calder
Connor Lassiter, Risa's boyfriend, is an 18 year old who is also known as the Akron Awol. Connor was in charge of the Graveyard after the departure of the admiral. The National Juvinele authority raided the Graveyard after several attacks on the citizens near their area(Caused by Starkey). Determined as he was, connor was willing to put up a fight but Lev saved him from what could've been his death. He and Lev are now on the run to put an end to unwinding.
Cam is a rewind, made by the proactive citizenry. He is known to be made out of all the best unwind parts. Cam is like a simple guy, he feels just like normal people and he hurts like normal people, except he's stronger. When Cam was doing some speech excercises he noticed a picture of Risa and instantly wanted to know her. Lucky for him Roberta knew how to pull strings. He instantly fell n love with her when he personally met her.

Lev was an ex-tithe who connor "saved" from his own beliefs. He started off being afraid of Connor and begging for things to go back to the way they should be (him being tithed). Now he hates the thought of tithing and he is Connors best friend. Lev recently saved Connor from the raid. Lev ran away with Miracolina from The Resistance because he didn't like the way they used him. The rescued tithes at the Cavenaugh mansion saw him as some heroic figure they looked up to.
Mason Starkey
Starkey is a 16 year old stork who became an AWOL unwind when his "parents" decide that he had issues. Starkey is a very, selfish, manipulative, and arrogant stork. He uses people to get what he wants and he doesn't care about the damage he leaves behind. Starkey is the reason why the Graveyard was invaded. He thought he was capable of being some great ruler but he turned out to be some lunatic who thought he was better than everybody (so much for wanting to be treated equal)
Miracolina is another devoted tithe but one who catches Lev's eyes. He rparents didn't want her to go and apoligized over and over but she assured them that that was what she wanted. She doesn't see the Lev the same way others see him, she despises him. Miracolina ran away from the Cavenaugh mansion and ended up with Lev. They were captured by Nelson, "escaped" to find Connor, and mixed up in the raid. Now Miracolina is in the back of a "Juvy Car", supposedly on her way to the police station where her parents are waiting for her.
The book Unwholly is incredibly breathtaking when it comes to action, adventure, suspense, and even a little bit of Romance. The writing that Neal shusterman uses makes you feel as if your are in the book closely watching everything going on. The book has everything a book should have. Their is a love triangle that involves Cam(The rewind), Risa, and Connor. There is also an evil villain(AKA:Nelson) who goes after our favorite characters. This sequal showcases adventure and delivers more danger, mystery, and betrayal than the first book. The perdicament of the characters we grew to love from the previous book known as Risa, Connor, and Lev are joined by 3 knew unforgettabale characters. Starkey, the selfish stork, Miracolina, the girl pleased with being a tithe, and finally Cam(on the front cover), the rewind in love with Risa. If you aren't caught up in the drama that is Unwholly, then you are missing out on alot.
Book Recommendation/Review
Nelson is an Ex-Juvie Cop who is focused on revenge. You may remeber him as the cop who got shot by his own tranq gun while on the pursuit of the AKron Awol. He was degraded by his friends and family and is now working as a parts pirate. Nelson does everything out of anger for Connor Lassiter, the kid who "ruined his life." Nelson is absorbed in the thought of finding the Akron Awol when he is informed of his about his whereabouts. I see Nelson as a sick old man after kids who didn't do anything but run for their freedom while he slacked off his job.
Quiz: https://docs.google.com/a/warren.k12.in.us/document/d/1B5obyHTtqPulFvzOrnw7CcuXkQlWINwEvUdvpUnEGCo/edit
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