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Clauses of purpose

No description

haifa Al Otaibi

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Clauses of purpose

so as ( not ) to + base form
He walked in quietly




up his parents .

in order ( not )
to + base form
We are saving money
in order to buy
a new car .

to + base form

I just called
to invite
you to my house .

so that + subject + can / may / will
Please close the door
so that
the cat can't come in
in case+past tense
He gave me his telephone number
in case
to call him .
in case+present tense
I will take an umbrella
in case
it rains.
to + base form
so that

in case
Clauses of purpose
for + ing form
I use the electric knife

so that + subject + could / might / would
He walked quietly
so that
hear his footsteps
the subject of the verb and the infinitive is always the same
to express the purpose or function of an item
purpose with present or future / past time reference
purpose with present or future
/ past time reference
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