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The 2014 Business

No description

Mike Berry

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of The 2014 Business

Which Way Forward?
Post Christmas Blues
The Shops Are Feeling It Too!!
Is £100,000 Realistic?
Let's Have a Look...
The 2014 Business
£8,000 per month...
1428 x £30 = £42,840
755 x £24 = £18,120
630 x £17.50 = £11,025
767 X £3.25 = £ 2,492.75
854 x £30 = £25,620
827 x £18 = £14,886
Past Deals
Generating 100% of my income
via the web as I travel
Touring 21 Countries
Who Am I?
Generated my 1st Income online in 1996
Business must agree to discount one of their Products or Services by MINIMUM of 50% before being considered for promotion.
How do these coupon companies such as Groupon, LivingSocial, Wowcher etc work?
Business then agrees
to pay coupon company
50% commission
So business now effectively only receives 25%
Coupon Company keeps all revenue until business claims by identifying coupon codes used by new customers.
Most business owners FAIL to collect the contact details of their customers, thus they must continue to market for new customers!
You Offer To Host The Deals
on YOUR website...
and take only 30% commission.

Business now gets 70%
(and that's 40% increase
over Groupon deal!)
Easy to find the businesses!

> all of those currently
marketing on Coupon sites.
> plus all those 'past deals'
You don't have the same
size of mailing list as Groupon
BUT your are focusing on
LOCAL market!
AND your website will be cleverly
collecting the contact details of
website visitors.
If you only sell 10% of the amount
that we saw earlier...

or even just 1% until we build up...
6 Sample Deals
1428 x £30 = £42,840
755 x £24 = £18,120
630 x £17.50 = £11,025
767 X £3.25 = £ 2,492.75
854 x £30 = £25,620
827 x £18 = £14,886
> £19k avg
x 1% is £1149.84
From only SIX deals!!
If you could sell only 6 deals
per week, and at only 1% of
the success, you'd make
£1,149.84 Per Week
Postcard Marketing
Back to Offline Basics;

1. Hire a Team of cute students
to hand out Coupon Postcards

2. Pay Postal service to deliver
10,000+ local postcards
Postcard Example
Would businesses pay to be featured
on YOUR local postcards?

Your cost of printing & delivery is
covered by just ONE sponsor!

If only 3 businesses pay, that's fine
as you can market other coupons too
& you'll be sending ALL to YOUR site!
EVERY business needs ongoing marketing!

Would YOUR local businesses like this too?
What if You offer to market for them...
Mobile Friendly
Ready NOW!?
All done for you
WP website
are you
Massive Market
2014 & Beyond
Can I do this without
ANY risk of rejection?
Mighty Deals
Three Mobile


Lloyds Pharmacy

The Body Shop

Wonga (15%)

Ann Summers

Disney Store
New Balance

Samsonite UK

Sixt rent a car



British Airways




Hertz UK


Early Learning Centre






Add any coupon/voucher
Help local businesses
Create Your Own Offers
Link any affiliate/CPA/banner ad
No Rejection from businesses
No Permission Required for affiliate sales
keep 100%
of your commission
Build list & they LOVE YOU!
(everyone loves a bargain!)
Mike Berry
* Hosted 1st Ever Internet Summit in Scotland
* Spoken on Internet Platform around the world
* Generated 1st Income Online in 1996
(That was 2 years before Google Started!)
* Continue to earn 100% of my Income from the web
* Written Guides & Training Videos & I own websites
on virtually every aspect of Making Money via Social Media
Note: This is turnover, not your profit!
And if you could build to a success rate
of say 4% of the amount of deals that
Groupon sell, you'd be generating
£4,599.36 PER WEEK

(from only 6 deals!!)
My target for you
is to be generating an average of £2,000 per week
in personal Net Profits. ie.
£100,000 pa.
What if Well-known Businesses
were prepared to pay you a commission
on everything you sold, including any
special offers that they may be running?

1) You cost the business nothing if you don't sell
- no wages, no health care, no sickness excuses
- you can have long hair, piercings, PJs etc
2) And If you let your list know about the bargains,
Your friends would LOVE to hear from you too!
3) You earn commission regardless of what your
friends choose to buy.
4) No stock to buy, no customer care, no refunds,
No need to handle credit cards or deal with deliveries
Work From Home
Anywhere in The World
No Age Restriction
No Qualifications or Skills Required
No Excuses!
What Are You Offering Mike?
What's the Catch/Cost?
When Can I Start?
What else do I need?
What Am I Offering?
Complete "Done For You" WP Website
Full Training PLUS Future Upgrades

What's the Catch/Cost?
You want to be THE Local outlet

When Can I Start?
It's all ready for you NOW!

What else do I need?
Hosting, URL, Autoresponder,

Pre-release 2014
I want YOU to be my guinea pigs, and PROVE my system… and in order to get your AWESOME Testimonials (and screenshots of your fabulous new earnings), I’m going to let you in on this at a no-brainer-decision-discount!

My Price
Will Be £1,000 PLUS £200pm
from February 2014, and remember;

You Keep 100% of Your Profits
For January 2014 Only, the price is;
ZERO Deposit, and only £30
+ £100pm thereafter…

This price will be fixed for the lifetime of your payments.
You may stop at anytime without penalty, although you will NOT be able to rejoin at this price again.
Not For Everyone!
Plus my secret weapons:
* SEO Domination!
* Social Media Domination
* Mobile-Friendly
* List Building
* Constant Evolution
2 years before Google started!
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