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New Version of Hansel & Gretel

No description

Diane Lee

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of New Version of Hansel & Gretel

Once upon a time...
There lived a poor woodcutter
his beloved children
Hansel & Gretel
After his wife's death,
After Gretel saw the pebbles , she about what her father told her and
to pick up those shiny pebbles.
The witch
the children
Ran back to their home.
saw a
of home
and their
was back home
he dedicated his
entire life for
Jihyun Lee
Eng 1101
so he decided to go into the forest to fetch woods to earn money leaving children behinds at home.
Because a wanders around houses at night, the father Hansel & Gretel two things before he left:

Unfortunately, a hungry witch saw Gretel picking up pebbles alone.
That night, a witch pretended like their father and asked them to open the door.
Kids, it's me. Your father.
Father? Are you really our father? What happened to your voice?
I got cold while I was in a forest. Can you open the door? It's cold out here.
Hansel & Gretel knew something was .
They through the back door,
but white pebbles in Gretel's
pocket fell as they escaped from
the wicked witch.
After a witch realized Hansel & Gretel escaped,
she quickly followed the pebbles.
However, he could not afford enough foods for this winter,
Once the witch arrived to the pond, she saw the faces of Hansel & Gretel reflected in the pond through bright moonlights.

they lived
ever after.

The wicked witch thought they were hiding in the pond, so she into the pond to catch them.
came out
Everything went back to normal
The new version of
Hansel & Gretel quickly climbed up to the trees near the pond in the forest.
The darkness had fallen
Gretel looked at a bright moon wishing their father to come home early.
She then saw beautiful white pebbles shining like silver under the moonlight in front of the house.
A wicked witch then planned out a way to eat her.
Gretel ran to the door to let their fake father in.
"...do not open the door to the strangers..."
, Hansel thought of what his father told him.
Hansel stopped Gretel from opening the door and decided to ask another question.
Father, how did you get home so early? Is it because of Gretel's birthday?
Oh yes, of course. How can I miss Gretel's birthday? I even brought a gift for Gretel with me.
Not to come out of house
when it gets dark
Never open doors to strangers

He brought delicious foods with him for rest of the winter.
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