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Harrison Bergeron

No description

Michelle Zhang

on 7 December 2017

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Transcript of Harrison Bergeron

Harrison Bergeron
By: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

There are three types of conflict present in "Harrison Bergeron."
Character Analysis
Plot Diagram
Biographical Sketch: Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
In the story, Harrison Bergeron, the society's laws have extreme equality, in order to create a perfect utopia. Their efforts, were obviously made in good intentions, but did not have a positive effect on the society.
Man Vs. Man
Man Vs. Society
Man Vs. Technology
Harrison Bergeron
Hazel Bergeron
Mother of Harrison
She's considered 'average', but it's just a euphemism for stupid.
She doesn't need a mental handicap like George, because she isn't capable of thinking more intelligent thoughts.
Very optimistic, despite the circumstances
Her inability to see through what the government is doing is overriding her good nature and preventing her from doing anything about it.
George Bergeron
Father of Harrison
Has to wear multiple handicaps due to his intelligence and strength
He abides by the rules even though he opposes the laws
. He is unhappy with the life he's living, but unable to do anything about it
He thinks life in 2081 is better than life before.
Year- 2081
Location: Bergeron household
Protagonist- Harrison Bergeron
Antagonist- The Government
Dynamic characters- Harrison
Static characters- George and Hazel
Basic conflicts- the weights, chains, noises
Inciting Incident
The news reporter says that Harrison Bergeron is on the loose and that he's plotting to overthrow the government.
Rising Action
Harrison enters the studio and begins to shout at the audience.
Repeating Storyline
Hazel has tears on her face because of something sad in the beginning
At the end of the story, when Harrison is killed, she starts crying but forgets it later once the TV burned out.
George tells her to forget about sad things.
The chains
Harrison broke off his chains easily
The chains hold people back from doing what they want.
The noise
The noise interrupts George's thoughts.
When he's thinking that the ballerinas shouldn't be handicapped, the noise scattered his thoughts.
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
rebelled against the government
Did what everyone else wanted to do
At seven feet tall, extremely handsome, and excessively strong, he really is something to look at.
the government is afraid of him because of his capability to overthrow them
-Kurt Vonnegut Jr. was born on November 11, 1922, in Indianapolis, Indiana.
-Kurt Jr. was the youngest of his 3 siblings.
-His father was very prominent architect of the time, while his mother was the daughter of a wealthy Indianapolis brewer.

Father had to sell the house and take him out of private school because of the Great Depression
In kindergarten, he met Jane Cox, who he later married.
After the Great Depression, his dad practically gave up on life, while his wife, Edith, became a prescription drug and alcohol addict.

Went to Shortridge High where he wrote "The Echo".
Influenced by the rules of journalism
Knew how to interact with his audience, used valid details

-Kurt Jr. was 16 years old when World War II broke out.
-At 20 years of age, he entered the army, and was sent to Europe, where he was almost immediately, captured.
-Later in 1944, his mother committed suicide by drug overdose.
After the war was over, he married Jane Cox, and had his first child, Mark.
-Vonnegut took an advertising job to support his family, but he also wrote short fiction on the side.
Kurt Jr. took in his sister's children, doubling the size of his family, thus needing more money.
Within 10 years of adopting them, Vonnegut wrote 5 novels because the story market was "drying up".
He mastered "black comic violence", his trademark, making people laugh, despite the horrors he described.-By the early 1970's, he was one of the most famous writers.
Unfortunately around that same time, his marriage with Jane Cox fell apart.
He finally, died, April 11, 2007, and was mourned all over the world, as one of the great American writers of the second half of the 20th century.
Harrison Bergeron is dancing with the Empress, then the Handicapper General comes in with a ten gauge shotgun and shoots them both.
Harrison is rebelling against the society's laws on equality, but the government stops him from changing the laws and kills him.
The transmitter that everyone is required to wear in their ear. overpowers their thoughts and memory. Harrison fights back, by destroying his transmitter.
The Handicapper General shoots Harrison and the Empress.
Falling Action
The Bergerons' television tube burned out.
Hazel forgets what happened on the television.
Thematic Question

What are your thoughts on the word "equality", as in relation to forming a utopia?
"Gee," said Hazel," I could tell that one was a doozy."
All of them heard the sound of Harrison getting shot and they realized that Diana Moon Glampers was the one that killed him. Their handicapper went off, so they forgot what happened. The government had overpowered society once more, which would continue in the future.
Total equality is not an idea worth strving for
You should stand up for what you believe in
Television is an extremely powerful force
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